BayraklıContinuous Support to 20 Thousand Families!

BayraklıContinuous Support to 20 Thousand Families!
BayraklıContinuous Support to 20 Thousand Families!

Thanks to sustainable social projects, the needy Bayraklıthe cure for the troubles of the people Bayraklı The municipality has increased the number of families that are regularly helped to 20 thousand. The aid of clothes, coal and household goods, especially food support, made the citizens smile. President Serdar Sandal "BayraklıWe said that no one will go to bed hungry in 'and we are keeping our word.

Opportunities are mobilized

Bayraklı Municipality has expanded the "solidarity network" it has revealed during the pandemic process, October 30 earthquake and flood disasters. The municipality teams, which mobilized their resources to support all families with low income throughout the district, increased the number of families provided with continuous assistance to 20 thousand. While food parcels are regularly sent to the households registered by the municipality, household goods and clothing aid are provided to families in need. Especially in the winter months, the needs of fuel are also met by the municipality. The services delivered by the teams of the Social Assistance Services Directorate are also welcomed by the residents of the district.


Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal said, “As we set out on this road, BayraklıWe said in 'No one will go to bed hungry. We said that by mobilizing all the possibilities of the municipality, we will support those in need. With this understanding, we regularly support our low-income families on various issues. With the social assistance and solidarity network we have created, BayraklıWe touch every digit in ! "Because we are a big family," he said.

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