Chinese Brand Cars Prepare to Enter the European Market

Chinese Brand Cars Prepare to Enter the European Market
Chinese Brand Cars Prepare to Enter the European Market

A number of Chinese brands continue their preparations to enter the European market of automobiles. Most of these are brands that are designed with electric, hybrid and different traction concepts and want to hold on in the market by taking advantage of the transformation of the industry.

Those preparing for the European expedition are not just brand new brands like Nio, Byton or Xpeng that claim to challenge Tesla with innovative technique and striking design. The cars in question are mostly vehicles on the way to compete with well-known and familiar brands such as Volkswagen (VW), and they are trying to prove that vehicles such as VW come from China at affordable prices. Many experts from Germany are of the opinion that this effort should be taken very seriously. As a matter of fact, Aiways is selling the U5 model at a price of 36 thousand euros. This 4,68 meters tall model is at VW ID 4 level, its battery has a capacity of 63 kilowatt-hours and its autonomy, that is, the travel distance without charging - is about 410 kilometers. Another brand, MG, is a brand that has been on the market since last year, and while it is on sale with the British flag, it is a Chinese brand. It was purchased by SAIC and started to be produced in the Far East. According to the announcement made by MG, different hybrid models are on sale for 40 thousand euros. Its length is 4,67 meters and its battery autonomy is around 400 kilometers. Also, two new brands belonging to Great Wall Motors are Ora and Wey. For example, the 4,20-metre-long Ora sells for 300 euros, a really low price for a fully electric car with 400 to 30 kilometers of autonomy. On the other hand, the Coffee01 model of the same company is a higher segment vehicle and appeals to the high income class. The SUV, which is up to 5 meters long, has an autonomous range of 150 kilometers.

Chinese innovations in the market do not end there. For example, Graz also developed the Arcfox Alpha T. In addition, Geely, the major shareholder of Mercedes, plans to launch a new brand with Zeekr, as well as the electro brand Polestar, which has more European lines.

Automotive economist Prof. According to Dudenhöffer, the heart of electric vehicles is the battery; his heart started to beat in China now. This phenomenon provides favorable conditions for Chinese manufacturers and creates a favorable environment for new Chinese brands. Moreover, Chinese manufacturers offer better equipment than European brands; because Chinese software developers are one step ahead of Europeans and this advance will become more evident in the future.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 05/02/2022 14:16

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