Salt Therapy Center Received 50 Thousand Visitors in a Short Time

50 Thousand People Visited Salt Therapy Center in a Short Time
50 Thousand People Visited Salt Therapy Center in a Short Time

With the support of Serhat Development Agency (SERKA), the Salt Therapy Center, which was built in the salt caves in Tuzluca district of Iğdır, visited 6 thousand people in 50 months.

The Salt Therapy Center, supported by the Serhat Development Agency, which has implemented many important projects in the provinces of Ağrı, Ardahan, Iğdır and Kars, is flooded with visitors. The second phase of the project "Tuzluca Salt Therapy Application and Research Center Comes to Life", carried out with the support of the Agency, has come to an end. The Salt Therapy Center was flooded by visitors before it was completed. Within the scope of the visits that started in June of last year, approximately 6 thousand people visited the Salt Therapy Center in the first 50 months. The salt rooms built in the Therapy Center will be put into service after the completion of the works.

The 24 thousand square meter interior and exterior areas of the caves will be put at the disposal of visitors as a health center. The caves, which will be a healing center for patients with respiratory disease, eczema and skin disease, can be added to health tourism. kazanis intended to be. With the completion of the health center in Tuzluca Salt Cave, one of the caves with the highest quality rock salt in Turkey, the number of visitors will increase even more.


People who will come to the therapy center will find healing by staying in the salt rooms for the specified time. The duration of stay in the rooms varies between 20-40 minutes. The salt molecules entering the body with each breath affect the human health positively and provide the healing of existing diseases. Salt therapy is one of the most effective methods for the treatment of pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, psoriasis, wheezing, cough, cold, otitis media, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, colds, COPD, sleep disorders, depression, skin diseases and sinusitis. . Salt therapy is also used to strengthen the immune system.

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