Izmir Prepares to Become the Game Capital of Turkey

Izmir Prepares to Become the Game Capital of Turkey
Izmir Prepares to Become the Game Capital of Turkey

📩 09/01/2022 14:32

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality welcomes young people who want to take part in the game and software industry. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç SoyerGame Development Center, which was established in line with the goal of transforming the city into a center of innovation and entrepreneurship, brings game developers from all over Turkey together.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the goal of transforming the city into an innovation and entrepreneurship center, İzmir is preparing to play a leading role in the development of the gaming industry. Aiming to make the city a game capital, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality provides free game design, program coding, software development, 2D and 3D modeling and online training to entrepreneurs from all over Turkey. With the center in Fair Izmir, game developers have the opportunity to create the game of their dreams.

Hungarian: “We stand by the youth”

İZFAŞ Business Development and Strategy Coordinator Burak Orkun Macar said, “We held an e-sports festival at the Izmir International Fair 2,5 years ago. We noticed that young people have a very high interest in the game world. We wanted to open this center in order to use this interest more innovatively. With the vision of making İzmir a city of innovation, we want to bring young people into the game industry. We enable young people to work comfortably here. We also provide support in mentoring and coaching. We stand by them to create more valuable, valuable and innovative works.”

Demirsar: “It will bring İzmir to an important point”

Digi Game Startup Studio Co-founder Doruk Demirsar said, “First of all, we brought e-sports to İzmir. We saw that there is a serious potential in İzmir. We held various competitions and received very good applications from all over the country. While we were thinking about how to make this bigger, the Game Development Center emerged. Work started here. This is how the idea of ​​bringing Izmir to an important point in the game industry started. To make a game, we first need ideas, but it is not limited to this. Together with OYGEM, we support them in all these remaining areas. As a more professional team, we enable the game to come out.”

Güler: “We can exchange ideas”

Team Machiavelli Founding Partner Mehmet Can Güler said, “This year, we participated in the adventure of making digital games. One of the most important points is that many companies are here. We can exchange ideas with each other at different points where we can think. Being in this ecosystem improves us all. This place has the potential to bring the younger generations here," he said.

Training lasts 10 weeks

Game Development Center, which has all kinds of hardware, software and equipment that will enable individuals and teams with creative ideas to develop games, offers game developers the comfort of office and networking opportunity. With experience offices where they can test their games, meeting rooms where they can meet with investors, and a comfortable office environment, the game development center aims to bring game developers from all over Turkey together. In addition to experienced game developers, OYGEM Academy introduces the sector to enthusiastic young people who want to step into this sector, and provides basic and important training on game development. In the 10-week online trainings, the trainers within the body of OYGEM Academy; provides free training in many areas such as software, modeling, music and sound effects, game design. The application form for the trainings can be accessed from towerizmir.com.

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