President Seçer Examined the Intersection Work Site in Göçmen

President Seçer Examined the Intersection Work Site in Göçmen
President Seçer Examined the Intersection Work Site in Göçmen

Under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the construction of a multi-storey intersection was started in Göçmen after the Sevgi Katlı Junction, which was completed in a short time in order to relieve traffic in the city center. President Seçer visited the site on the first day of the multi-storey intersection work in Göçmen and made inspections. Stating that they aim to complete the 2024-storey intersection project together with those whose construction has been completed until 5, President Seçer said, “We are providing all kinds of services to Mersin and we will continue to do so.”

“One-storey intersection on the east-west axis with a length of 755 meters”

President Seçer said that when a vehicle enters the 2nd Ring Road from Mersin Hali, they want it to go uninterruptedly to Mezitli, and gave the following information about the details of the multi-storey intersection project in Göçmen, the construction of which was started:

“A one-story intersection on the east-west axis with a length of 755 meters. A feature of this multi-storey intersection; The slope is also extremely low. Although there is a slope of up to 8 percent at other multi-storey intersections, we save this with 3 percent here. With a very slight slope, the vehicles will sink and come out after 750 meters. There will be a route 450 meters in width, that is, on the north-south axis. The upper floor of the interchange was also extremely well calculated. Technically, we have taken measures that will not cause any blockage or disruption of traffic, and will enable vehicles to travel more comfortably. There were such problems at Sevgi Kati Junction, and then we overcame them.”

Work will continue uninterrupted

Stating that they wanted to work quickly at the intersection of 34th Street and 2nd Ring Road, Seçer continued as follows:

“So, the former KIPA Junction is now the area where the Sayapark Shopping Center is located. We have a project and a challenge there. We are working on two projects there. In fact, a third important and valuable project is the tram project. I explained this at the groundbreaking ceremony of the subway; At the corner of the Faculty of Pharmacy, where the metro station is the starting point, there will be a station of the metro in the section where the PTT Branch is located. From there we will connect to the tram. The multi-storey interchange that we will build there will also be in this integration. So the tram will pass there. It will go north along 3th Street, and from there it will ring for 34 kilometers to the university hospital, the university and University Street. Our goal was to get out of here and make it happen. However, we could not make a clear decision at the moment. Why? At the same time, we started the construction of the subway. The station productions there and our multi-storey intersection production should be in harmony with time. We are trying to set it up. If there will be a gap, the Hal Katli Intersection project is ready now in order not to waste time. We can come in at any time. It's in our hands. If we think that we will have a time problem or a waste of time problem, we will realize the Hal Kati Interchange.”

“We provide all kinds of services to Mersin and we will continue to do so”

Stating that they aim to complete a 2024-storey intersection by 5, together with the ones whose construction has been completed so far, President Seçer said, “These are clarified. Already two completed. One was half inherited. However, there is another important point that the intersection in the lower part of the Akbelen Cemetery creates a problem and prevents traffic. Under the responsibility of the Highways. We are continuing our negotiations with the Highways regarding its completion as soon as possible. There may be different developments, we can't say anything at the moment, but we can promise my citizens that we will complete the 5-storey intersection between 2019-2024 if there are no extraordinary developments.”

Mayor Seçer stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they carried out the works quickly and said, “As you know, we completed the Sevgi Floor Junction in 87 days. The work we started is finished. As long as there is no mishap. No obstruction. We strive to serve. We want our citizens to follow this issue. We want to serve, as long as there are no obstacles in our way. There is an economic crisis, as long as the People's Alliance does not let us experience a crisis. The rest is easy. We provide all kinds of services to Mersin, and we will continue to do so. Just as we have made our night into our day until today, we will continue from now on," he said.

Pointing out that another feature of the Göçmen Multi-Storey Junction is its integration with bicycle paths, Mayor Seçer noted that they will pay attention to bicycle paths in new productions from now on.

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