Akkuyu NPP Made a Statement on the Housing Conditions of Workers


Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş. announced that inspections were carried out in the accommodation areas of the workers working at the Nuclear Power Plant (NGS).

In the written statement made by the company, it was stated that the construction and assembly works of all 4 units of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), which is under construction in Gülnar district, have reached the most intense stage.

'It has been decided that this demand for a capacity increase is not appropriate'

It was stated in the statement that there was a constant need for qualified workforce in the project, and the following statements were included: “Temporary settlement areas equipped with all necessary tools and equipment for life have been established in the region in order to accommodate the workers working in the project near the Akkuyu NPP construction site. Due to the increase in the number of workers employed within the scope of the project, several subcontractors have requested the management of the residential area in Sipahili, where approximately 5 people currently live, to increase the number of beds in the rooms. However, as a result of the evaluation, it was decided that this demand for capacity increase was not appropriate.”

In the statement, which also touched on the living conditions of the workers, the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Health officials in the living spaces regarding the news reflected in the press and about the living conditions continue. If nonconformities are detected as a result of the audit, a warning will be sent to the management to correct them. Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. Ensuring health and safety requirements is one of its top priorities.

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