Three Awards to Abdi İbrahim from Golden Pulse Awards

Three Awards to Abdi İbrahim from Golden Pulse Awards
Three Awards to Abdi İbrahim from Golden Pulse Awards

Abdi İbrahim was awarded in the categories of “Best Innovation of the Year”, “Best R&D Work of the Year” and “Best Corporate Communications Team of the Year” at the Golden Pulse Awards, organized to reward the achievements of institutions and brands operating in the field of health and wellness. kazanwas.

Abdi İbrahim, which has been operating in the PHARMACEUTICAL sector for 110 years with the aim of improving life, has received awards for its R&D and communication studies in the field of health. kazanyeast continues.

In the Golden Pulse Awards competition organized by MD Magazine, Abdi İbrahim won the “Best Innovation of the Year” and “Best R&D Work of the Year” award with its wound dressing project. kazanwas. In the competition, in which companies operating in the field of health and wellness are awarded, Abdi İbrahim Corporate Communications Team was also awarded the "Best Corporate Communications Team of the Year" award for its communication efforts in 2021.

In the Golden Pulse Awards, awards were given in a total of 5 main sections and 46 sub-categories: Farma & OTC, Health & Wellness, Health Communication, Brand Teams and Special Awards.

Abdi İbrahim made a difference with its R&D, innovation and sustainability efforts

The wound dressing, developed for the first time in Turkey and in the world, with the research of Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology Department Physicians and the support of Abdi İbrahim, doubles the healing of diabetes wounds. The product, which is unique in the world, will be sold in 41 countries around the world with the Abdi İbrahim patent.

Working with the mission of "Improving Life and the Future", Abdi İbrahim Corporate Communication Team succeeded in putting its signature under successful projects in the health sector despite the pandemic conditions. In 2021, Abdi İbrahim launched a social investment program focusing on four topics: "Health and Sports", "Social Innovation", "Science Awareness Raising among Youth" and "Volunteering Projects for Social Needs".

Abdi İbrahim, which started the 'Healing Ideas Contest' to support projects that will provide social innovation in the field of health and medicine in the name of "Social Innovation", announced the socioeconomic impact report it carried out this year, revealing the contribution of the company to the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and the country's economy. Simultaneously with the report titled “The Socio-economic Impact of Abdi İbrahim, the Healing Power of the Changing World, Abdi İbrahim, in Turkey” prepared by Deloitte and covering the company's activities in Turkey in 2020, the 2019th Sustainability Report covering the period 2020-5, titled "Improvement Journey from the Past to the Future". also shared.

Abdi İbrahim Public Relations and Corporate Communications Director Oğuzcan Bülbül said the following about the awards received from the Golden Pulse Awards, which evaluates successful work in the pharmaceutical industry. Within the scope of the mission of "Improving life", we continue to improve the society with our R&D and social responsibility projects for 110 years. These awards we have received encourage us to continue our research, innovation and communication activities with more passion and responsibility. We are happy for the awards we have received on behalf of both Abdi İbrahim and Turkish medicine.”

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