Cooperation Between AKÜ and TCDD Continues

Cooperation Between AKÜ and TCDD Continues
Cooperation Between AKÜ and TCDD Continues

Afyon Kocatepe University Afyon Vocational School Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies Department Head Assoc. Dr. Metin Ersoy, Faculty Member, Dr. Ersan Mertgenç and Rail Systems Department Lecturer Hicri Yavuz met with Regional Manager Adem Sivri at the 7th Regional Directorate of TCDD.

Branch teachers are assigned to the Rail Systems Department by the 7th Regional Directorate of TCDD for both theoretical education and training, and internship support is provided in the workplace and workshops of the Regional Directorate for practical education. Vocational School Delegation stated that the Rail Systems Department has become the focus of student preferences in this academic year as well, and expressed their wishes and wishes from the Regional Manager Sivri to continue the support made in previous years this year. In addition, they invited the students of the Rail System Program at Vocational School to the interview program.

TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri also stated that they are the External Stakeholders of Vocational School and that their support to the Rail Systems Department will continue to increase this year, as in previous years, and that they can make a technical visit to the Vocational School in the near future, Ray about Rail Systems, which can be used in the practical education of students in the physical areas of the school. He stated that the traverse and connection materials were installed by giving railway materials to be exhibited within the protocol, and they were presented to the practical training of the students.

Vocational School Delegation thanked Regional Manager Adem Sivri for the theoretical and practical support provided by TCDD for education.

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