Circular on Confiscation of Scrap Vehicles in 81 Provinces from the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Circular on Confiscation of Scrap Vehicles in 81 Provinces from the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Circular on Confiscation of Scrap Vehicles in 81 Provinces from the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Interior took action for scrap, idle vehicles on streets, streets and squares that endanger traffic safety and public order. The Ministry sent a circular to 81 Provincial Governorships with the subject of "Concealment of Scrap/Idle Vehicles".

In the circular, it was stated that the need for parking space increased due to the increase in population and vehicle density, and this situation adversely affected traffic safety/density from time to time.

In the circular, those left for a long time in public areas such as streets, squares, or places subject to private property; It was stated that abandoned, scrap, idle, found, damaged and unusable vehicles have become a threat to public order and security due to the visual and environmental pollution they create, as well as the risk of explosion and burning.

In the circular, which draws attention to the increase in complaints and demands for the solution of problems arising from such vehicles in areas such as parks and squares, as well as in privately owned immovables, the measures to be taken in this direction are listed as follows:

Scrap Areas to be Determined

Pursuant to Article 5393 of the Municipal Law No. 15 and Article 5216 of the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 7, if there is a scrap area that is not determined within the boundaries of the municipality, it will be determined as soon as possible. Depending on the characteristics of the vehicles in question (depending on whether they are scrapped or abandoned), they will be kept in scrap storage areas determined by municipalities or in trustee parking lots.

Vehicle not removed to designated scrap areas will be banned from traffic

Within the scope of Article 174 of the Highway Traffic Regulation, vehicles parked, abandoned or damaged in a way that will affect the road users for a long time, together with the traffic police, are included in the other categories of Safety and Gendarmerie services according to the 2918th article of the Highway Traffic Law No. 6 and the 7th and 9th articles of the Highway Traffic Regulation. will be determined by the personnel and municipal police, and the necessary notification will be made to the license holders to remove their vehicles. Vehicles that are not removed will be banned from traffic by the traffic police.

Pursuant to Article 5326/41 of the Misdemeanors Law No. 6, a notification will be made to the owners of vehicles that have left their motor land or sea transport vehicles or their integral parts on the street or in public places, which have become unusable. Despite the notification, those who do not remove their vehicles will be treated and these vehicles will be removed to the scrap areas. The costs of removing them will be collected separately from the vehicle owner.

Findings Not Received Within Six Months And Vehicles Banned From Traffic Will Be Sold

Vehicles that were detained by being banned from traffic due to being found within the scope of Additional Article 14 of the Highway Traffic Law or pursuant to the provisions of this Law, but not received or sought by their owners within six months, will be sold through the National Real Estate Directorates.

A sample of general orders prepared by the governorships, taking into account local conditions, will be published (within a reasonable time to be determined on a provincial basis, taking into account the security assessment of the province).

Necessary information will be provided by law enforcement units in similar meetings or events, especially in meetings with citizens or headman meetings organized under the chairmanship of the Governor / District Governor, and the citizens' notifications in this regard will be evaluated immediately.

In order to increase social awareness, brochures on the subject will be prepared and distributed in coordination with the relevant units. Information / awareness-raising activities will be carried out through social media.

Under the coordination of the deputy governor to be appointed by the governor, the current situation will be determined by the joint work of district governorships, local administrations, law enforcement units, relevant professional chambers and public institutions and organizations. An inventory study will be conducted on vehicles that are abandoned, scrapped, idle, found, damaged, unusable or parked for a reasonable period of time in public places or on private properties.

Progress in removing the scrap storage areas of the vehicles identified in this way or keeping them in the trustee's car parks will be sent to the Ministry of Interior in quarterly periods (at the end of March, June, September, and December).

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