Domestic Lithium Battery Move in Cooperation with Turkcell and ASPİLSAN

Domestic Lithium Battery Move in Cooperation with Turkcell and ASPİLSAN
Domestic Lithium Battery Move in Cooperation with Turkcell and ASPİLSAN

Turning the sustainability approach into one of the main focuses in all corporate processes with the motto "For a better world", Turkcell continues to contribute to the development of environmentally friendly technologies in our country with its innovative collaborations. At the same time, supporting the efficient use of national resources with domestic technologies, Turkcell has signed an important future-oriented cooperation with ASPİLSAN Energy, which produces lithium batteries.

Within the scope of sustainable environmental awareness, the use of environmentally friendly, long-lasting and reliable electrochemical lithium batteries instead of the chemical lead acid (VRLA) batteries used until now in the energy infrastructure systems of communication networks is rapidly becoming widespread all over the world. In parallel with this change in the world, ASPİLSAN Energy, an institution of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and Turkcell joined forces in order to produce the necessary domestic products in our country. The cooperation, which started in 2019, revealed its first products within the scope of domestic lithium battery production studies that will meet the needs of communication networks.

As part of the project, prototype lithium battery products designed and produced by ASPİLSAN Energy's R&D engineers at 48V 100Ah standards have been successfully tested at Turkcell's base stations, which have been providing communication infrastructure services and containing different equipment configurations, since October 2021. Work continues on the widespread use of domestic lithium batteries, which will be produced by ASPİLSAN Energy, in the Turkcell network.

Making an assessment on the subject, Turkcell Deputy General Manager for Network Technologies Gediz Sezgin said, “As Turkcell, which has always developed innovative products and services in the sector with its leadership in the field of innovation, we have also started an important cooperation regarding the energy resources needed in our network infrastructure. This step, taken within the framework of the sustainability approach that we reflect on all our corporate processes, is also important in terms of developing environmentally friendly technologies that reduce carbon footprints. We aim to provide added value for the sector and the country's economy, thanks to lithium batteries developed with domestic facilities.

Gediz Sezgin continued his words on the subject as follows: “The cooperation steps taken with the stakeholder companies in the sector in the Communication Technologies Cluster (HTK) sessions, which was established to increase the share of domestic and national production in communication technologies, have now started to grow and turn into productive outputs. In this context, the process we started with ASPİLSAN Energy on lithium battery with technical information sharing and prototype product designs; developed through workshops, demo production and factory testing. Subsequently, our cooperation was supported by the successful results of field tests on the Turkcell network. As of this year, we will make the mass production of the developed lithium batteries by ASPİLSAN Energy and ensure their use in the Turkcell network infrastructure.”

Making a statement about their cooperation with Turkcell, ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy said: “As ASPİLSAN Energy, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, we have been working with the aim of providing solutions that will reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy systems in the field of energy systems since its establishment. As ASPİLSAN Energy, the cooperation we have made at the point of producing innovative solutions that will reduce our dependence on foreign sources also prepares the ground for very valuable results. After this cooperation with Turkcell, a significant contribution will be made to national and domestic production in communication technologies. Within the scope of this project, of which we are a stakeholder, we will also provide added value to our country's current account deficit.”

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