Ankara Fire Department Trains New Divers

Ankara Fire Department Trains New Divers
Ankara Fire Department Trains New Divers

📩 04/01/2022 15:36

Ankara Fire Department, Turkey's first underwater search and rescue team, continues to train new search and rescue teams. Continuing to provide training to the firefighters of 25 provinces at the facilities in Didim, the Underwater Search and Rescue teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department continue the training of 2020 new firefighters employed in 5 at the Kesikköprü Dam.

The "Underwater Search and Rescue" team, affiliated to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, continues their planned training without slowing down to train young search and rescue teams.

For 2020 new firefighters selected among 300 personnel employed on the basis of merit in 5, a 2-year challenging training process has begun at Kesikköprü Dam.


Ankara Fire Department continues its diving trainings 7/24 in all conditions and in all seasons in order to train new divers at regular intervals at Kesikköprü Dam.

Ankara Fire Department Underwater Search and Rescue Team Chief Mesut Bozkurt stated that they were the first underwater search and rescue team established among public institutions in Turkey in 1997 and shared the following information about the trainings:

“We are doing the underwater diving training planned for 2021 at Kesikköprü Dam. We have completed the sea training of 2020 firefighters selected among 300 personnel employed in 5, and we have been at the camp for 3 days for cold water and turbid water diving training. We will continue our challenging diving activities that will last for 2 years, day and night, in order for our new friends to reach the level to dive in every water environment. We give our new divers serious training so that they can dive in any water environment such as lakes, ponds, dams and streams. Together with our new friends, our current number of underwater search and rescue firefighters has increased to 10. Ankara Fire Department Search and Rescue team is the first team among public institutions in Turkey. As a unit with such a vision, we also train the underwater rescue teams of the fire brigades of 25 provinces in Turkey.”


Ankara Fire Brigade teams participating in search and rescue activities during the flood disaster in the Black Sea Region and the Elazig earthquake; It also takes part in underwater search and rescue works in cities other than Ankara in times of need, especially in seas, lakes, ponds and dams.

Ankara Fire Department Underwater Search and Rescue teams; In order to respond quickly to possible underwater and surface search and rescue cases that may occur, the Police Training Academy Facility in Aydın Didim provides firefighters from 25 provinces with underwater and overwater search techniques, boat use and maneuvering techniques, navigation, shallow and deep provides training on diving techniques in waters.

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