New Cycle Road to Kartal with Metro Connection

New Cycle Road to Kartal with Metro Connection
New Cycle Road to Kartal with Metro Connection

Kartal Cycling Road, implemented by IMM together with WRI Turkey and Healthy Cities Partnership, was opened. The route, which passes through the residential area and is integrated with public transportation, is the first stage of the 3,3-kilometer bicycle path that will connect the coastal road to Marmaray and the metro.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which has signed important infrastructure projects in the last 2.5 years in order to popularize bicycle transportation in Istanbul, completed the 1 km bicycle path in Kartal in cooperation with WRI Turkey and The Partnership for Healthy Cities-PHC. opened for use.

Kartal Bicycle Road, which started to work with a participatory process in December 19 within the scope of the project "Healthier Istanbul by Cycling in the COVID-2020 Epidemic" project, is the first stage of the 100-kilometer uninterrupted line that will end at the D-3,3 Highway. With the ongoing phase of the project Kadıköy- Connection to Tavsantepe Metro Line will be provided. With the complete completion of the work, it is aimed that the bicycle path will serve the residential and school areas in the region and provide a transportation connection to Marmaray.


IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan, especially during the epidemic and economic crisis; Stating that it was understood how healthy and cost-free means of transportation walking and cycling are, he said that while preparing the Istanbul Bicycle Master Plan, they attach importance to the creation of a safe and integrated bicycle path network with public transportation throughout the city.

Especially during the epidemic and economic crisis; Expressing that walking and cycling are understood once again as a healthy and inexpensive means of transportation, Cihan said, "While determining the route of the bike path, the presence of many schools nearby, that is, the aim of creating a safe line to support going to school by bike played an important role."

Supporting the project in terms of stakeholder management and analysis, WRI Turkey Director Dr. Güneş Cansız also stated that they prioritized the participation, accessibility and safety of the public while working on the route planned by İBB to make a bicycle path, and said, "We presented the analyzes and suggestions we made by considering these criteria to İBB for use in their designs."

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