Metro and Tramways in İzmir Will Make Non-stop Expeditions on New Year's Eve

Metro and Tramways in İzmir Will Make Non-stop Expeditions on New Year's Eve

Metro and Tramways in İzmir Will Make Non-stop Expeditions on New Year's Eve

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took all the measures to spend a safe and peaceful New Year's Eve in the city. Residents of İzmir will be able to call the 31 24 444 line of the Hemşehri Communication Center (HİM), which works 40 hours a day, for all kinds of complaints and requests on the night of 35 December.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's service units will also be on duty 24 hours a day at the beginning of the year. All teams will continue their services without interruption in order to receive the complaints and requests of the citizens about all kinds of water and canal failures, transportation, municipal services and similar municipal services and to respond immediately. On New Year's Eve, for all kinds of complaints and requests, the line of the Hemşehri Communication Center (HİM) with the number 444 40 35 and the call center of İZSU with the number 185 will provide 7/24 service.

All night nonstop service in metro and tram

Izmir Metro and Konak Karşıyaka trams will operate until the morning of New Year's Eve. The flights, which started at 31:2021 on Friday, 06.00 December 1, will continue until midnight on Saturday, 2022 January XNUMX.

Ferries run non-stop.

Ferries connected to İZDENİZ will operate according to the working day schedule that it always applies on 31 December. On the night that connects 31 December to 1 January, additional flights will be applied. Konak –Alsancak –Karşıyaka The night flights will continue until 05.00:XNUMX.

ESHOT and İZULAŞ will extend their night flights

In buses, between 24.00 and 02.05 at night, 60 lines will be extended at night. Owl flights will be organized every half hour until morning. On the 1st of January, the scheduled Sunday flight schedule will be applied between 06.00:12.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning. The lines and the last flight hours on New Year's Eve are as follows:

The last time of buses 912 and 963 departing from Alsancak Station is 01.20:18, departing from Konak 19, 20, 23, 27, 30, 33, 35, 72, 105, 171, 193, 224, 233, 253, 285, 302, 304, 374 Buses numbered 465,550, 587, 588 and 01.45 last time at 470:680,681, buses numbered 691, 01.20 and 42 departing from Lausanne at 45, bus number 838, 01.45 and 53 departing from Customs at 168, departing from Halkapınar Metro Transfer Center 502, The last departure time of buses 555, 560, 599, 01.45 and 2 is 77, the last departure time of buses 78, 125, 148, 240, 253 and 01.45 departing from Halkapınar Metro 268 Transfer Center is 565, buses 02.00 and 3 departing from Bornova Metro Transfer Center. The last departure time of the bus numbered 114 from Evka 02.05 Metro Transfer Center is 5, the last time of the buses 7 and 02.05 departing from Üçkuyular İskele Transfer Center is 8,17, the last time of buses 311, 969, 971 and 02.05 departing from Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center The last time is 891. 01.00, 128 departing Gaziemir Neighborhood Garage Transfer Center will be at 295, the last departure time of buses 346, 01.55 and 342 from Egekent Transfer Center will be 344, the last time of buses 529, 01.50 and XNUMX from Çiğli Transfer Center will be XNUMX.

Owl expeditions

Konak Bahribaba departs on the lines 910, 920, 930, 940 and 950 will have an owl flight every half hour until morning.

İZSU, İZBETON, fire brigade, police, veterinary units are on alert

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also increased its disinfection activities in all public areas such as shopping areas, terminals and transportation vehicles, which are frequently used before the New Year. The Emergency Response teams of the Veterinary Affairs Branch Office and the Small Animal Polyclinic will stand by the stray animals in need of urgent intervention on the night of 7 December and on 24 January, with the principle of working 31 hours a day, 1 days a week. The Fire Brigade Department will continue to work as always in order to respond immediately to events such as fire and accidents that may occur during the holiday. İZSU General Directorate will continue its work during the New Year's holiday in a way to immediately intervene in water and sewerage failures. Again, İZBETON teams will be on duty to evaluate possible demands. In addition, tow trucks belonging to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be on duty during the New Year's holiday. The on-duty team can be reached by calling 153 and 444 40 35 for tow truck requests or signaling related malfunctions.

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