Buca Metro Statement by President Soyer! We will present it to the service of our nation on time

Buca Metro Statement by President Soyer! We will present it to the service of our nation on time

Buca Metro Statement by President Soyer! We will present it to the service of our nation on time

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerevaluated the process of Buca Metro's coming to the construction stage as a great success. Soyer said, “It is not befitting to tarnish or ignore this success. As soon as we hit the pickaxe, our money is ready. We know that every penny is the money of this nation. We will continue to do whatever it takes to avoid dusting him. We will give an account of that one penny to everyone, everywhere. We will put the metro at the service of our nation on time," he said.

The first session of the December ordinary council meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIt was done under the direction of. In the assembly session, Mehmet Ergenekon, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department, made a presentation on the tender and evaluation process of the Buca-Üçyol Metro. Ertuğrul Tugay, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is also the President. Tunç SoyerHe gave information to the council members about the works carried out in line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible".

Organized according to international tender legislation

Mehmet Ergenekon, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail Systems Department, in his presentation on the tender process of the Buca-Üçyol Metro line, the tender for the construction of the Buca-Üçyol Metro line, according to the clause c of the 4734rd article titled 'exceptions' of the Public Procurement Law (KİK) numbered 3, He reminded that it was made according to the tender rules of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Stating that they will benefit from the external financing of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD, French Development Agency (AFD), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) in the construction of the line), Ergenekon said, “The first stage of the two-stage tender was held on 28 May. 14 of the 13 companies that have the capacity to construct the Buca Metro line and participated in the tender were invited. In the first stage, technical offers and qualification information were evaluated. In the second stage, independent of the companies, their financial offers were evaluated within the framework of the regulations. In the second stage of the tender held on September 6, 8 companies were financially Price analyzes and supporting documents were requested from Gülermak A.Ş., which does not fall within the lower risk threshold, for the business items determined to be compared with the Yapı Merkezi-Nurol Joint Venture.”

Independent auditor worked for a month

When the presented analyzes were examined, Ergenekon said that the company used the figures directly from the pro forma it received from subcontractors and that they saw that the work items were well below the market costs.
“As a result of the evaluations, the Tender Commission sent the tender evaluation report prepared 1,5 months after the tender date and the proposal of the winning firm to the EBRD on 14 October 2021. The Bank appointed an independent expert auditor on October 26 and all tender documents were shared with the independent auditor. After a month of work by the independent auditor, he shared his report with the bank. The approval of the tender decision was also conveyed to the municipality from the bank. The expert report was requested from the bank, but information was not given as it was confidential as per EBRD rules”.

“The tender process was completed according to the rules set by the bank”

Sharing the information that the Tender Commission recommended rejecting the lowest bid submitted by the Yapı Merkezi-Nurol Joint Venture in accordance with the EBRD procurement policies and rules, Ergenekon said: moved on to the next lowest bid. As the bid submitted by Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş was higher than the lowest bid threshold, the second lowest bid was not classified as abnormally low according to the methodology included in the EBRD's 'Guidance note' dated 1 August 2017. The evaluation process, which was carried out from 6 September 2021 to 26 November 2021, was completed in accordance with the Bank's Tender Principles and Rules (PP&R), and it was decided to award the tender to Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt AŞ.”

“Every company is treated equally”

Stating that all companies participating in the tender are important companies that do large-scale works both in Turkey and in the world, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department Head Mehmet Ergenekon said, “Our company that gives the lowest bid is a partnership formed by companies doing business around the world. One of the partners works as the contractor of the Çiğli Tramway, which is still under construction by our municipality. No irregular work was done during the evaluation process. Every company is treated equally. According to the EBRD procedure, a transparent process based on numerical data was managed.”

“The important thing is that you take care of the public interest”

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Özuslu evaluated the tender process and said, “It is obvious what has been done. We want to build a subway. We want to finish this work as soon as possible by using the money that we have earned from the income and income of the people of Izmir, and that money created by hard work in the most correct way. There is this will. We are moving forward, the process has progressed, we have come to a certain point. If there are question marks in our minds here, we can ask them and get answers at every stage. We built the subway, and we gave the account of that subway to the penny. Powers, whether local or central, exist to serve. If you don't, you will be criticized. But the way you do here, the job, the subway doesn't matter. What matters is how you do it and how you pursue the public interest. It is how you give the tenders to which companies. Do you always give to the same 5 companies or do you manage a transparent and open process?

“There is great success here”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer On the other hand, he stated that when the process is finalized, they will share all the files regarding the tender with the council members. Expressing that there are still criticisms despite this, President Soyer said, “I have a hard time understanding why this haste. If this is politics, it's a shame... it's a shame for our time, a shame for the listeners. 'Couldn't this company do it? A reliable company. Can you bid with just a sense of trust? No matter how skilled or competent. There are accounts and numbers to compare. There is something overlooked; we started this business by forming a 490 million Euro consortium from four major international investment banks. Our money is ready as soon as we hit the pickaxe. With this money, we will complete this process and put the metro at the service of our nation on time. It is not appropriate to discredit or ignore a great success here. There is great success here,” he said.

“Numbers speak, not emotions”

The Mayor, who said that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality managed to create a source of 490 million Euros by convincing international financial institutions with its own power and went to this tender with this source. Tunç Soyer“This is above all appreciation. Finished. During the tender process, there are many businesses and institutions that use bulgur at home on the way to death. There are many such examples. Maybe you will have to pay much heavier costs just because I will earn that 529 million. You have to anticipate it, calculate it. Numbers speak, not emotions. We also know that this company is reliable. True, but not enough. There are numbers in the file. There is a study done by our friends on these figures. We are never in a rush to cover things up. Ask whoever is doing this. We're not trying to cover anything up. For one thing, it's pretty unseemly. What does 'Trying to fit in' mean? What have we done that we make it up? This is so unseemly. We do whatever it takes. It's not enough, we ask. We are not satisfied with the decision of our tender commission. We say; appoint an expert. Appoint an independent expert. They do and return with their approval. What are we trying to cover up? We consider the interests of this nation as much as anyone else. We know that that one penny is the money of this nation. We will continue to do whatever it takes to avoid dusting him. We will continue to investigate as thoroughly as possible. We will give an account of that one penny to everyone, everywhere. How many municipalities have brought such a halo to the agenda in such an assembly, the question is, friends. Put your hand on your conscience. We will share and talk about it. We're not missing anything. Everyone should go home, look at the numbers, let's talk more about it," he said.

Full support to the manufacturer

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay also informed the council members about the activities carried out for İzmir agriculture. Citing the efforts to support the small scale producers, Tugay said, “3 thousand 172 small cattle grants were made to 12 thousand 363 producers. The size of this herd, together with its offspring, has exceeded 30 thousand. In 2019, 462 ovine animals were given to 1798 producers, 2020 ovine animals were given to 129 producers in 509, and 2021 ovine animals were given to 314 producers in 1241. More than 5 million fruit and olive saplings were purchased from cooperatives and donated to the producer whose agricultural land was empty. 286 million TL was invested in production roads.

Thanks from President Soyer

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, thanking Ertuğrul Tugay and Mehmet Ergenekon after the presentations, “Important works that raise our morale. Good luck with your work. I would like to thank both you and your friends for this meticulous work.”

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