İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Has Invested 3,6 Billion Lira In One Year

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Has Invested 3,6 Billion Lira In One Year
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Has Invested 3,6 Billion Lira In One Year

Despite the epidemic, disaster and economic crisis, investments in İzmir did not fail. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took action for historical projects that will ease transportation and traffic. Investing 2021 billion liras in 3,6, the Metropolitan Municipality made the most important breakthroughs in the history of the city in the field of rail systems.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality undersigned important projects in 2021 despite the epidemic, disaster and economic shocks. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe Metropolitan Municipality, which set an example for Turkey with the practices within the scope of “crisis municipality” implemented by , continued its investments without interruption despite all this negative picture. Hundreds of projects have been implemented, ranging from infrastructure, preservation of history and urban transformation to environmental facilities, in order to increase welfare in the city and ensure fair distribution of income. Important moves were made to increase the share of rail systems in public transportation. International credit rating agency Fitch Ratings once again approved the AAA national rating, which is the highest level of investment grade of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in 2021 once again. A loan agreement of 250 million Euros in total was signed with international financial institutions for the biggest investment in İzmir's history, the Buca Metro, and the tender process for the Buca Metro was completed.

Metropolitan Municipality invested 2 billion 488 million liras this year. With the investments of ESHOT, İZSU and its affiliates, the 2021 investment amount of the Metropolitan (data of December 15) was 3 billion 697 million liras. Financial support of 56 million TL was provided for the expropriation works and projects of the district municipalities.

Investments will continue

Stating that the pandemic in 2021, in addition to the financial burden brought by disasters, is a year in which the economic crisis gradually deepens, the President Tunç Soyer“Thanks to the strong financial structure of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we continued our investments without interruption. During this time, we worked day and night to solve the problems of the city and its inhabitants. By pushing our conditions, we stood by our citizens in need in these difficult days and we continue to take place. We provided 80 million liras of cash aid to our citizens who were in a difficult situation due to the pandemic, earthquake and flood. I can proudly say that we are the municipality with the national long-term AAA rating, which is the highest rating that can be obtained from the credit rating agency Fitch Ratings in Turkey. We determined our 2022 budget as TL 12.5 billion, and allocated TL 5 billion (40 percent) for investments. We will continue our investments in areas such as rail system, transportation and infrastructure.”

Some of the prominent investments in Izmir in 2021 are as follows:

Historical projects in public transportation

  • Fahrettin Altay – 84 percent of the productions on the Narlıdere metro line have been completed.
  • The construction of Çiğli Tram, whose foundation was laid in February and will cost 1 billion 250 million liras together with the tram vehicles, reached 34 percent.
  • The tender for the construction of the Buca Metro has been completed, and the foundation of the line will be laid in the first month of the new year.
  • Project studies of Karabağlar – Gaziemir, Otogar – Kemalpaşa metros and Girne Tram are continuing.
  • 93 billion liras will be spent on the 6 rail system project, which is 32 kilometers long. When it is finished, the rail system network in the city will increase to 270 kilometers.

Maritime transport is getting stronger

  • With the new ferry chartered, the number of ferries increased to 6. The frequency of the expedition was reduced to 15 minutes throughout the day. While the number of trips has increased by 30 percent in the last two years, the record for the last five years has been broken in the number of vehicles transported.
  • One more ferry will be rented in the new year, increasing the number of ferries serving in the Gulf to 7.

Priority to public transport

  • With the purchase of 364 buses, the biggest bus tender made in a single item was signed. In 2021, 589 buses and 364 midibuses were purchased for 22 million liras. Between 2019 and 2021, 451 buses and 22 midibuses were added to the fleet; The total investment amount was 653 million TL.
  • With the Public Transportation application, it was ensured that 50 million liras remained in the pockets of the people of Izmir by providing public transportation services with a 92 percent discount at certain hours.

Golden touches in traffic

  • 2 viaducts, 2 highway underpasses and an overpass, located in the first phase of the Buca tunnel and viaduct project, which will directly connect the Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal to the city center, will be put into service in the first months of the new year with an investment of 110 million lira. Thus, the vehicle traffic in front of Bornova and the terminal will be relieved. When the Buca Tunnel is completed, the transportation from Konak to the terminal will decrease from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Road and intersection arrangements were made to reduce traffic density and congestion in the city, and to ensure uninterrupted and safe traffic flow. (Bornova Egemak, Konak Karataş, Güzelyalı, Alsancak Train Station, Cehar Dudayev, Balçova Marina, Bayraklı Çiçek Mahallesi, Üçkuyular Deniz Feneri Street, Buca Ring Road exit, Çiğli Koçtaş, Karabağlar Yaşayanlar, Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard 16 Street intersection and Altınyol Street)
  • Mürselpaşa Highway Underpass, Gaziemir Air Education Highway Crossing, Yeşillik Caddesi Yaşayanlar Highway Crossing projects will be new investments that will breathe life into İzmir traffic.
  • With an investment of 240 million liras, the vehicle and pedestrian bridges that were destroyed by the rains on nearly 70 streams in many districts are being renovated, and the citizens are provided with safe and comfortable transportation.

Quality of life is rising

  • In order to reduce motorized transportation and increase cyclist and pedestrian transportation, 25 kilometers of bicycle paths were manufactured. The length of the bike paths reached 89 kilometers. The number of bicycle stations was increased to 60 and the number of bicycles to 890.
  • An underground car park with a capacity of 153 vehicles was put into service at the Mustafa Necati Cultural Center. Smyrna Car Park, Turkey's largest fully automatic car park with its capacity (636), will be opened. In addition, an open parking lot for 108 vehicles was created in this region.
  • An open car park with a capacity of approximately 2 vehicles has been put into service throughout the city.
  • A new 61-kilometer-long road was opened with an investment of 27 million liras.
  • By laying 950 thousand tons of asphalt, 485 kilometers of roads were completely renewed. Surface coating work was carried out on 221 kilometers of plain road. 1 million 204 thousand square meters (240 kilometers) of key cobblestones were laid. The investment amount was 362 million TL.
  • The Mavişehir Coastal Fortification Project was completed with an investment of 37 million liras, and the flooding in Mavişehir came to an end.
  • "Emergency Solution Teams", created to respond quickly to the needs of the upper neighborhoods, worked at 16 points in 109 neighborhoods in Konak, Buca, Karabağlar and Bornova; Work continues at 28 addresses.
  • Halkapınar Transfer Center and its surroundings are being renovated with an investment of 8 million liras.
  • Work has started to revitalize Bornova Street in Alsancak and to provide comfortable pedestrian access.
  • Within the scope of the protocol signed with the organized industrial zones, ITOB Fire Station became operational at ITOB in Tekeli District of Menderes.
  • In order to create equal opportunities for children and women, 4 fairy tale houses were opened. 6 fairy tale houses will be put into service in the new year. With the new constructions, the number of fairy tale houses in the city will increase to 23.
  • The Ornekkoy Social Projects Campus, which gathers units that will provide equal opportunities for women, children, young people and disabled individuals, under one roof, was opened.
  • The Parent Information and Training Center, a first in Turkey, was put into service.
  • Within the scope of the principle of "equal opportunity in sports", three portable swimming pools were put into service in the "back quarters".
  • 40-bed palliative service was opened in Eşrefpaşa Hospital.
  • With an investment of 15 million 593 thousand liras, the semi-olympic Pool İzmir was put into service to encourage swimming.
  • With an investment of 18 million 432 thousand liras, Mustafa Necati Cultural Center, named after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's close thought and companion, was opened.
  • The construction of the Izmir Opera House continues with an investment of 429 million liras.

Turkey examples of urban transformation model

  • Within the scope of the urban transformation works carried out on-site and with a hundred percent consensus model, the construction of 1 thousand 255 independent units started this year in the urban transformation areas of Uzundere, Gaziemir Emrez-Aktepe and Örnekköy, with an investment of 2 billion 722 million lira.

For a city in harmony with nature

  • A new green area of ​​575 thousand square meters was added to the city. More than 420 million plants, 7 thousand of them trees, met with the soil.
  • With an investment of 25 million 323 thousand liras, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area was renewed and opened. In Buca Tınaztepe Mahallesi, the works for the Orange Valley ecological city park continue with an investment of 26.6 million liras.
  • The construction work of the İnciraltı Improvement Garden continues. The construction of the Flamingo Nature Park begins in Mavişehir. Efforts to add 35 Living Parks to the city continue. The construction works of Olivelo Ecological Life Park continue in Güzelbahçe Yelki. Living parks will be built in Doğançay, Bornova, Çiğli, İnciraltı, Gaziemir and Pınarbaşı regions.
  • Buca Yedigöller Park was repaired.
  • Maintenance and repair of 100 thousand square meters of afforestation area was carried out in Kadifekale. Work continues on an area of ​​200 thousand square meters.
  • Emergency Solution teams renovated 21 parks in the upper neighborhoods. BayraklıThe maintenance and repair of nearly 20 parks damaged in the earthquake started.
  • Gaziemir Esra Park, Konak Lale District, Bayraklı Hasan Ali Yücel, Alsancak Ensign Besim Bey Park, Bayraklı Zeki Müren parks were renewed. Bayraklı The construction of Körfez Mahallesi Park has begun.
  • 30 October Earthquake Monument was opened in Hasan Ali Yücel Park, which was renovated in memory of 117 people who lost their lives on the anniversary of the 30 October Izmir earthquake.
  • In memory of the 10 October Ankara Station massacre and those who lost their lives in this massacre, the “10 October Monument and Place of Remembrance” was inaugurated opposite the Alsancak Train Station.
  • In order to respond quickly to fires in forest villages and rural areas, guard points were established in Gölcük in Ödemiş, Ahmetbeyli in Menderes, Kırıklar in Buca, Teleferik in Balçova and Küçükkuyu in Mordoğan.
  • With an investment of 20,6 million liras for stray animals, a rehabilitation and adoption center with a capacity of 1500 dogs, with European standards and a green focus, will be put into service in the first months of the new year in Bornova Gökdere.
  • The cooperation protocol prepared with the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians in order to increase the number of sterilized stray animals will be submitted to the parliament for approval in January.
  • The number of sterilized stray animals has tripled in the last three years. In 3, 2021 stray animals were sterilized. 15 thousand stray animals were treated.
  • İzmir Agricultural Development Center was opened.

Resilient and safe city Izmir

  • A resource of 200 million lira was allocated for earthquake studies. The inventory of the existing building stock in the city is prepared in cooperation with the Chamber of Civil Engineers. BayraklıField and archive work has been completed in all 33 residences in Istanbul. Next is Bornova, Konak and Karşıyaka have counties.
  • Turkey's most comprehensive earthquake research studies have started with universities. Fault lines on the sea and land, which have the risk of affecting the city, are being examined, BayraklıThe soil structure and ground behavior characteristics of approximately 10 hectares of land within the borders of , Bornova and Konak are modeled.
  • Arrangements were made to facilitate the transformation of buildings that were found to be heavily or moderately damaged after the 30 October earthquake, and those that received a license after 1998 or that were deemed risky by the law no 6306.
  • In order to accelerate the transformation of heavy and medium damaged buildings in the city, it was decided to increase the precedent by 20 percent on the basis of parcels.
  • Izmir was awarded the title of the world's first Cittaslow Metropol pilot city.

For a healthier and cleaner Izmir

  • Blue Flag Coordination Unit in the municipality for the first time in Turkey was established. blue Bayraklı While the number of public beaches increased by 78 percent, İzmir 66 blue bayraklı became the province with the highest increase in awards in Turkey with the number of beaches.
  • With an investment of 54 million liras, 53 vehicles and 11 containers were purchased and the cleaning works of the district municipalities were supported.
  • 31 electric utility vehicles were put into use in the municipality. 14 electric vehicles entered the service of Izmir residents through the MOOV Car Sharing Application. In January, the number of electric vehicles will increase to 50.
  • The number of facilities with solar power plants increased to 12. The electricity needs of the buildings started to be met from renewable energy sources.

Izmir's garbage turns into electricity and fertilizer

  • Two environmentally friendly solid waste facilities were established in Ödemiş and Bergama with an investment of 446 million liras to serve the settlements in Bakırçay and Küçük Menderes basins. Thanks to these facilities, both electricity and fertilizer are produced.
  • Plant wastes are brought into the economy. Following the organic fertilizer facility in Çiğli Harmandalı, the construction of Turkey's largest capacity organic fertilizer facility was started in Bornova Işıklar Mahallesi. A similar facility will be in Çeşme.

History stands up

  • In order to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and to increase the attractiveness of the region, Havra Street and 848 Street in Kemeraltı were renewed. Azizler Street was organized as a park in accordance with the historical texture.
  • Haci Salih Pasa Fountain and Kestanepazari Fountains in Alipasa Square were restored. The restoration of Hatuniye Square, Carfi Mansion and Paterson Mansion continues.
  • In cooperation with TARKEM, work continues in Kemeraltı bazaar, the heart of İzmir Historical City Center, which is preparing to become a “UNESCO World Cultural Heritage”.

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