In 2022, Natural Beauty Will Be the Trend in Teeth

In 2022, Natural Beauty Will Be the Trend in Teeth

In 2022, Natural Beauty Will Be the Trend in Teeth

As in fashion, trends in teeth change every year. In 2022, it is expected that dental applications that will bring health and natural beauty to the fore in white, ambitious tooth designs.

Foreign patients relieved the dental market

Evaluating the oral and dental health sector, DentaLuna Clinic Owner Dentist Arzu Yalnız said, “While 2021 was not a bad year for our sector, it was a very lively and active year. Of course, there was a recession towards the end of the year due to the fluctuation of the currency in the last period. The reason for the recession was related to not knowing what was going to happen. Also, in 2021, we were more comfortable with people coming to Turkey from abroad compared to the previous year. Although it was below our expectations, it was better than 2020. Although it did not make much difference in terms of foreign currency, we approached our target in TL terms," ​​he said.

we have high hope

Giving information about the New Year's targets, Lider said, “Our target for 2022 is high. The biggest reason for this is that what we planned in 2020 and 2021 is now being implemented in 2022. During this period, we both worked clinically and prepared our other investments for this period. Therefore, our 2021 target and expectations are full of hope and high,” he said.

Health is at the forefront

Talking about the dental trends of 2022, Söyle said, “Our age is the age of aesthetics. In both digital, social media and everyday life, people sought perfection. I see this as the 'Search for Self Perfection Period'. But in 2022 this will change a little more. This year, studies carried out by prioritizing health, rather than making radical changes in teeth by looking for health, will be at the forefront. In the past, the smile design was on the 'Hollywood smile'. It was much more white, assertive work. However, now that this whiteness is taken for granted, aesthetics that provide a natural appearance even in exaggeration are preferred.”

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