Turkey's First Women's Life Center Ready to Serve

Turkey's First Women's Life Center Ready to Serve
Turkey's First Women's Life Center Ready to Serve

for the first time in Turkey Kadıköy The “Women's Life House”, implemented by the Municipality, begins to serve on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

For the first time in Turkey, Kadıköy The Women's Life House, which was brought to life by the Municipality and introduced in August last year, has received the license it has been waiting for from the Ministry of Family and Social Services to provide services. The project begins to serve as of November 25. Within the scope of the project, women exposed to violence will be able to stay with their sons over 12 years old or their children with special needs.


Kadıköy The Women's Life Centers, which started to serve under the auspices of the Municipality's Social Support Services Directorate, were put into practice with the aim of empowering women and their children and ending the cycle of violence. Director of Social Support Services Duygu Adıgüzel made a statement regarding the project: “Women who go to shelters cannot take their sons over the age of 12 with them, as per the legislation, they have to either leave their children in an environment of violence or give them to the state protection. Women who are admitted to the shelter with their children with special needs face serious difficulties due to the common living rules. Women who have been subjected to violence continue their lives in an environment of violence because they do not want to give their children to institutional care and do not want to leave their children. For this reason, we launched the Women's Life House with the aim of empowering women and their children and ending the cycle of violence. Kadıköy We will also carry out vocational training projects to empower women who step into a new life at the Municipality Women's Life Centers.” said.


With the project, which is intended to set a precedent for other institutions, the apartments whose title deed passed to the Municipality due to urban transformation were converted into living houses as a pilot study. In the house allocated to the women and their children, whose bill expenses and household goods are covered by the municipality, women will be able to stay until they start a new life without having to leave their children. The women who will stay in these houses and their children will be accepted by the women who are approved and directed by the Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center (ŞÖNİM), as in the Regulation on Women's Shelters.


Kadıköy The 'Women's Life House' project, which will be carried out under the women's shelter serving within the body of the Municipality, is based on article 13/1-c in the Regulation on Women's Guesthouses.

Article 13/1-c: “Women with a boy older than twelve years old and women with a disabled child, on the other hand, on the basis of the social examination report stating that it is required and necessary, on the other hand, provided that there is no risk of life safety, if deemed appropriate by ŞÖNİM, their rent and subsistence will be covered. It is preferred to be housed by renting an independent house.”

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