Sakarya River Will Be Crossed With Zipline

Sakarya River Will Be Crossed With Zipline
Sakarya River Will Be Crossed With Zipline

Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce gave the good news for the highly anticipated 'zipline' project. Yüce said, “We are planning to complete the project, which will be 350 meters long and 16 meters high, next to the amusement park we will build in Sakarya Park as of May. We are excited, we will zipline over the river with our compatriots," he said. The amusement park and zipline project in the area will make an important contribution to Sakarya's social life.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce shared the good news about the highly anticipated project. Giving information about the details of the subject during his visit to SATSO, Yüce stated that the works for the 'Zipline Project', which will be built in Erenler Sakarya Park and will pass over the Sakarya River, have been accelerated. Explaining that the foundation of the project, which will make a great contribution to the social life of Sakarya, has been laid, Chairman Yüce stated that they plan to complete it in May 2022.

“We are planning to complete it in May”

Expressing that the foundation of the project has been laid and that it will be completed in May, Mayor Yüce said, “We are establishing parks and gardens in different parts of our city. We produce projects that will bring new breaths. We are building alternative social activity areas to Sakarya Park. We are establishing a full-fledged amusement park on a 10-acre land. In addition, our zipline project, which we believe will bring a new breath to this field, has gained momentum. Hopefully, we will complete our work by May. Now the foundation has been laid, our teams are working with great devotion in the region. The project crosses the river,” he said.

305 meters long and 16 meters high

Explaining the details of the zipline line, Chairman Yüce said, “The Zipline project is 2 and a half million; The amusement park project has a cost of 4 million liras. Our zipline project, which is planned to be located in Sakarya Park on the Sakarya River, will be 305 meters long. This line will be located at a height of 16 meters from the ground. A 'zipstop' system is being installed that will allow the person from the start to stand on the ending platform. There will be a damping spring system. The zipline line will be 1 line to and fro. We are also looking forward to it with great excitement. When it is completed, we will experience the happiness of crossing the river by zipline with our young people and our fellow countrymen.” he said.

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