Cleaning the Ear Too Frequent Causes Ear Fungus

Cleaning the Ear Too Frequent Causes Ear Fungus
Cleaning the Ear Too Frequent Causes Ear Fungus

From Medipol Mega University Hospital, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Dr. Instructor Prof. Yusuf Muhammed Durna, “Ear fungus is more common in people who clean their ears very often with cotton and people with skin crusts such as eczema.” warned.

In a statement made by Medipol Mega University Hospital, Durna drew attention to otomycosis, which is known as ear fungus among the people, which is more observed in hot climates with the warming of the weather.

Expressing that the possibility of spontaneous recovery from ear fungus should not be expected, Durna said, “The later the treatment is started, the longer the treatment takes. People with ear fungus symptoms should apply to the otolaryngology department as soon as possible. made the statement.

Stating that ear fungus can cause swelling, drying, flaking, discharge and pain in the ear canal, Durna said, “It is mostly seen in people living in hot climates and doing water sports. It is usually treated with fungicides applied in the form of drops or pomade.


Stating that ear fungus is more common in individuals who have sweating problems and try to clean the ear canal too much, Durna said, “It is more common in people living in hot climates, diabetics, swimmers and those who use hearing aids due to hearing loss. It may cause irritation or even bleeding of the itchy ear canal due to ear fungus.

Emphasizing that even if one of the symptoms is seen, a doctor should be consulted without delay, Durna listed the symptoms of ear fungus as follows;

Excessive itching along with congestion and fullness in the ear may be the first symptoms of ear fungus. In addition, we should suspect ear fungus in cases of redness and swelling at the entrance of the ear canal and discharge in the ear. In some of our patients, itching can be so much that these patients may present with ear canal bleeding due to scratching.


Informing that ear fungus is not contagious and isolated in the ear canal, Durna made statements about the treatment method;

Firstly; Fungi seen in the ear canal should be cleaned with the help of an aspirator. Then, the fungus is treated with drugs in the form of drops or pomade. Since fungal infections are persistent infections, ear aspiration can be repeated several times and treatment can sometimes take up to 30 days. These treatment methods do not have any side effects. Only pregnant women are treated more carefully.

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