Hyundai Announces Supernal, Its New Company to Produce Flying Vehicles

Hyundai Announces Supernal, Its New Company to Produce Flying Vehicles
Hyundai Announces Supernal, Its New Company to Produce Flying Vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group introduced Supernal, the brand of its urban air mobility division. Supernal will launch its first vehicle, eVTOL, in 2028 and will bring mobility to the market. Supernal will use the latest mobility technologies, revolutionizing air travel as well.

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) has announced a new company called Supernal LLC to further its vision of future mobility. A reflection of Hyundai's “Urban Air Mobility - Urban Air Mobility” strategy, the company called Supernal also reveals the group's future mobility vision.

Supernal will also shape the future mobility industry by developing its family of electric aircraft. Supernal, which plans to launch its first commercial flight in 2028 and expand the market further in the 2030s, will make its operations uninterrupted by leveraging Hyundai's mass production expertise.

Emerging from the group's strategic transition from the automaker to become a "Smart Mobility Solution Provider", Supernal will focus on making mobility not only a product for sale, but also a useful service to humanity. Supernal will also provide a seamless intermodal passenger experience by integrating air mobility into existing public transport networks.

A new mobility engineering

Supernal was introduced for the first time at CES 2020 as Hyundai Motor Group's Urban Air Mobility Division, and the first concept vehicle S-A1 was simultaneously presented to the visitors. Supernal continues to develop and improve its eVTOL vehicle, which it will launch as mass production. The aircraft, which is planned to take four or five passengers at the same time, will be mainly used for urban transportation. Supernal's first aircraft will run on electricity and will also be autonomous. The electric aircraft will be used primarily in cooperation with public and private institutions in the United States, in academic fields. Supernal, which will expand its infrastructure and transportation network at the international level, will specialize in airspace management by focusing on its activities in England and Canada.

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