What Level Is Your Digital Maturity?

What Level Is Your Digital Maturity?
What Level Is Your Digital Maturity?

Digital transformation is a long journey to success for businesses and it is one of the most critical issues for companies to know where they are on this journey. Today, every company is trying to implement a digital transformation of its own in this journey. EGİAD started an important study to determine digitalization capacity and competence with the participation of TIM-Sabancı University INOSUIT Program Mentor Selçuk Karaata with the “Digital Maturity Level Determination Study”. Accordingly, the digital maturity model and level determination tool to guide companies in their digitalization processes. EGİAD initiative will come into play. This measurement model will be under the leadership of TIM-Sabancı University INOSUIT Program Mentor Selçuk Karaata in the coming days. EGİAD It will be implemented in member voluntary companies.

"Digital Maturity Level Determination Study" with a webinar EGİAD transferred to its members. to the meeting EGİAD Deputy Chairman Cem Demirci hosted and moderated EGİAD General Secretary Prof. Dr. Fatih Dalkılıç performed it.

A New Era Has Started With Digitalization

EGİAD In the opening speech of the meeting, Deputy Chairman Cem Demirci stated that digital transformation is a social need in line with the opportunities offered by rapidly developing information and communication technologies, and said, “The groundbreaking impact of cloud computing, digital media, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things and 3D printers. developments such as these have started a new era. With digital technologies, firstly, analogue records were made to be processed in digital environment under the title of automation, and then processes were transferred to digital environment under the title of e-service. At this point, all corporate assets and stakeholder relations are redefined in the digital environment under digital transformation.”

EGİAD Completely Digitized with D2 Project

EGİADDemirci reminded that . EGİAD D2 Project has been completed and implemented within this framework. With D2 designed as iOS and Android via Mobile Application EGİAD members were automatically connected to each other over the digital network. In this context, every activity of the institution can be followed digitally, while transactions such as registration and secretariat are transferred to digital. In this direction, objectives such as increasing the participation of our existing members in the activities, ensuring the acquisition of new members, and realizing trade between members have been realized.”

In an environment where even the most successful organizations have difficulty in completing their transformation, as digital transformation requires adaptability and agility to new conditions and expectations, EGİADDemirci, who pointed out that , made the digitalization breakthrough with fast and appropriate decisions, said, “The digital transformation process is not easy because there is no single and ready-made package solution. There is no clear answer as to what the solution is. Technology is changing fast, but changing habits is very difficult. Although, the pandemic process, which we wish it had never happened, has certainly provided some benefits in changing habits, but beyond that, digital transformation requires transforming and managing very different elements such as people, processes and technology together. Digital transformation also requires thinking about the past, present and future at the same time.

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