Nose Surgery is a New Beginning

Nose Surgery is a New Beginning

Nose Surgery is a New Beginning

One of the parameters that changed with the pandemic was more rhinoplasty. One of the reasons for this is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries today. Demand for rhinoplasty is increasing day by day, especially as a result of more use of social media, filters and favorite photos.

Having the qualification certificate of the European Facial Plastic Surgery Association, Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade stated that having rhinoplasty is an investment for the future for the person himself.

Our nose has the important task of filtering the breath we take. Our bodies need oxygen to function optimally. However, deformities in the nose structure affect our health and quality of life. Surgery on the nose, which has a key role in the immune system, also changes the next life of the person. Having brought surgical techniques to the medical literature, Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade said that people who can't breathe well may experience sleep problems, memory problems and heart ailments as a result. Dr. Cabbarzade said, “Changing the external structure of the nose in safe hands not only affects the respiratory system of the person, but also affects the immune system positively. The life energy of patients who can breathe well increases, their sleep quality increases, their voice tone changes, and the change in their appearance also gives them self-confidence.

Nose surgery is an investment

Stating that the shape of the nose is not the same for everyone, Dr. Cabbarzade said, “Due to the defects in the nose structure, snoring at night can sometimes cause problems between spouses. According to the researches, it was revealed that the improvement of the nose deformity eliminates such problems in partner relationships. In addition to the self-confidence provided by rhinoplasty surgery, the person can improve both psychologically and sociologically with the increase in the quality of life. In short, rhinoplasty is not only a new nose, but also an investment.

Making evaluations for the increasing number of nose surgeries and surgeries performed on different hands recently, Dr. Cabbarzade: “Whether in terms of aesthetics or health, it is necessary to act together with a surgeon who is an expert in the field and to perform the operation by following what he says. Before the operation, it is necessary to analyze the underlying problems thoroughly for rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, although there are different pricing in the market, you should entrust yourself to the people you are sure of.” Underlining that rhinoplasty should not be considered as a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Cabbarzade said that all benefits are interconnected like a chain link, and that people's lives can change a lot with a correct and trouble-free breath.

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