aspilsan energy field expo
aspilsan energy field expo

ASPİLSAN Energy is participating in SAHA EXPO, which will bring together the giants of the defense industry at Istanbul Expo Center between 10-13 November, with its newest products. ASPİLSAN Energy will launch the fuel cell at the SAHA EXPO 2021 fair, where many firsts will be achieved.

Expressing their satisfaction for participating in SAHA EXPO 2021, where many national and international companies will take part and various cooperation opportunities will be created, ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy continued his words as follows: To date, we have been carrying out our work in order to ensure that our country can achieve its technology and renewable energy targets. In this way, we continue our activities with an increasing momentum.

Today, most of the world's energy needs are provided by fossil fuels, which have negative effects on the environment. Harmful gases caused by the use of fossil fuels cause environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, air pollution and greenhouse effect. In addition, it is a limit of fossil fuel reserves, and these reserves are rapidly depleted with increasing energy demand. Therefore, while the search for alternative energy sources gains importance, hydrogen stands out among alternative fuels with its important advantages. Hydrogen; It is used extensively in industrial sectors such as ammonia/fertilizer, petrochemical/refinery, glass, and space and defense systems. Today, only 4% of hydrogen, which has different production methods, is produced as clean (green) worldwide. In this regard, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic process, many countries have started to explain the "Hydrogen Roadmap" and hydrogen strategies. Eighteen countries whose economies account for 70 percent of global GDP have developed detailed strategies to implement hydrogen energy solutions. Among the milestone targets of the EU; to reduce carbon emissions to 18 percent in 2030 by including industry and energy companies, and to switch to a zero-carbon economy in 55. Accordingly, our country has signed the Paris Climate Agreement.

ASPİLSAN Energy in Today's and Future's Technology

ASPİLSAN Energy is a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, which includes companies/universities/research institutes in Europe that are committed to carbon-free climate targets for 2050.

To achieve zero carbon emissions, hydrogen will be used not only for today's uses and electricity, but also for heat in industry and as a fuel for transportation. Hydrogen economy; It covers the areas of production, storage, transmission/distribution and use of hydrogen. In this context; As ASPİLSAN Energy, within the hydrogen ecosystem; We operate with our Istanbul R&D Unit on the production (electrolyser) and consumption (fuel cells) of clean (green) hydrogen.

In addition, we will discuss energy solutions within the framework of technological developments and climate change in the world at the 15th Battery Technologies Workshop, which we will organize between 17-2021 December 6 as part of our work on clean energy. Informative panels on domestic and national battery cells, which will reduce our foreign dependency, will bring together important representatives of leading institutions in the sector and academics from leading universities. With the valuable outputs that will come out of this, the sector will be making significant gains.

Two New Products from ASPİLSAN for Clean Energy

In his statement about the products developed, ASPİLSAN Energy Istanbul R&D Center Manager Emre Ata said: We aim at the development of electrolysers.

Membrane electrode set (MET/MEA), which is considered as the heart of these electrolyzer systems, can be produced in our Istanbul R&D Center, which carries out studies in the domestic and national production of this type of electrolyzer, which is possible to work at different scales. In addition, catalysts used in both the anode and cathode layers are synthesized, and the design of the electrolyzer layers (plate, plate, index) is done locally within the unit. Efforts to develop electrolyzers in the 500 W to 10 kW power range are continuing. In addition to the PEM type electrolyzer studies at the Istanbul R&D Center; We continue our R&D studies on Alkali and Anion Variable Membrane (AEM) Electrolyzers.

In the consumption part of the green hydrogen ecosystem, there are fuel cells. Conventional power generation systems require many intermediate processes to convert the chemical energy in the fuel into electrical energy, and their efficiency decreases as a result of each process. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes fuel cells from conventional batteries is that they can produce energy continuously as long as the fuel is fed, without the need for recharging. There are vehicles such as UAV, forklift, automobile, truck, bus, and built-in, portable, distributed and emergency power generation systems/prototypes.

Fuel cell land vehicles are becoming very attractive in the defense sector with their features such as high energy density, low thermal trace, long range, fast filling and almost completely silent operation, as well as in the civilian area. Fuel cell vehicles are very convenient systems to extend the duty period not only in land vehicles, but also in air (UAV-SİHA) and sea vehicles (submarine).

ASPİLSAN Energy continues its PEM type fuel cell development studies at our Istanbul R&D Center. Fuel cell designs can be made between 50 watts and 100 kW. In addition to PEM type fuel cell studies in our Istanbul R&D Center; R&D studies are also continuing on fuel cells of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC), Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell (DEFC) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC).

Thanks to both products we have launched, ASPİLSAN Energy's Istanbul R&D Center has firstly created a hydrogen ecosystem demo within itself and continues to work to offer solutions to the green hydrogen transformation in our country.”

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