Light Rail System Project Works Continue in Kırşehir

Light Rail System Project Works Continue in Kırşehir
Light Rail System Project Works Continue in Kırşehir

Kırşehir Mayor Selahattin Ekicioğlu said, "We did what was said to be impossible," and shared details about public transportation and transportation.

Mayor Ekicioğlu stated that Kırşehir's transportation, transportation infrastructure and sustainable, smart and accessible transportation systems are among the most important issues of city life and said, “Our municipality serves the whole city with 28 buses in public transportation, on 12 separate lines. There is a TKM that manages the line and route, directs and monitors, and instant optional decisions are taken.” said.

Expressing that they facilitate the transportation of our citizens to public transportation with the mobile application, our President Ekicioğlu added that the EDS investment continues to ensure the habit of the transportation network and traffic, and that they are working with the Municipality budget as there is no incentive for financing.

Expressing that they offer Wifi service at Bus Stops and Municipal Buses to provide internet access to the public, Mayor Ekicioğlu said:

“We, as Kırşehir Municipality, implement the use of urban space in a planned manner while creating and arranging the transportation infrastructure. While planning the transportation network, we conducted a study that each individual can reach within 500 meters of walking distance. We provide service with smart stops in the city center with our vehicles suitable for disadvantaged groups. We have a fleet of vehicles for the disabled, smart stops, bicycles and sensible roads, and new ones are being added.

As Kırşehir Municipality, we offer an important transportation service to our disabled citizens who have difficulties in transportation with our Accessible Taxi project. With the Accessible Taxi, our disabled citizens are transported from where they want to where they want to go.

Our city is equipped with the Intelligent Transportation network, and active service is provided with dynamic signalized intersections, TKM, audible pedestrian buttons, Smart Bus Stops that can be accessed remotely, and buses. By monitoring remotely by the Traffic Control Center, evaluations are made according to the demands, and energy savings are achieved and more effective actions are taken.

As Kırşehir Municipality, we do whatever it takes to reduce noise and visual pollution and pave the way for new projects. Our active vehicle fleet is Euro 6, and besides this, there are bicycle paths and stops, smart stops and charging stations for disabled and battery-operated vehicles in the city center.

We have created exemplary building facade cladding in the work we have done in cooperation with the Chamber of Architects on Mehmet Ali Yapıcı Boulevard, Terme Street and Lise Streets, which are among the important arteries of the city center. Our aim is to prevent visual pollution by creating a silhouette worthy of our city, where the facade claddings and advertising signs we have developed with our own means are in a certain order.

We, as Kırşehir Municipality, continue to work on the Light Rail System Project, which will disable fossil-oriented vehicles in the long term.

And finally, on Thursday, November 4, 2021, at 14.00, at the November Ordinary Meeting of the Kırşehir Municipality Council, the items out of the agenda including transportation assistance for children in need and free bus-transportation assistance for Healthcare Professionals until the end of the year were unanimously approved.

Accordingly, in the January-June period of 2022, monthly transportation assistance of 100 TL and 150 TL will be provided to students in need, depending on the distance. Again, it was decided that health workers, who have worked with great devotion during the pandemic process, will benefit from transportation free of charge until the end of the year.

Our projects that facilitate the lives of our citizens regarding transportation for a contemporary urban life will continue without interruption from now on.”

Günceleme: 09/11/2021 10:37

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