Iskele Çayırova Road Opened for Service on the 38th Anniversary of the TRNC

Iskele Çayırova Road Opened for Service on the 38th Anniversary of the TRNC
Iskele Çayırova Road Opened for Service on the 38th Anniversary of the TRNC

The 38th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was celebrated with enthusiasm. During the ceremony, which was attended by TRNC President Ersin Tatar, TR Deputy President Fuat Oktay, TRNC Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu, Ministers, TR Deputy General Director of Highways Ahmet Sağlam, TR Highways TRNC Coordinator Aykut Mutlu and many guests, completed projects were put into service and the foundations of new investments were laid. Within the scope of the program, the completed 9 km section of the İskele-Çayırova Road was opened to traffic.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice President Fuat Oktay stated that the concrete signs of infrastructure and superstructure investments, human-touching projects and development supports made with the cooperation of Turkey - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are seen all over Cyprus, and that as a result of the efforts made in the last six months, the projects they promised are on time. He stated that they worked day and night to fulfill it.

Saying that many cooperation projects are progressing step by step from the modern highways that surround the TRNC, Oktay noted that one of the important areas of cooperation is transportation and infrastructure, and that they continue their uninterrupted support for the highways that directly affect the quality of life, tourism and commercial activities in this area.

Oktay continued his words as follows: “With a total project cost of 635 million liras, 46 kilometers of divided roads and 14 kilometers of first class road construction projects with a total length of 60 kilometers, the construction of 5 kilometers of village roads continues. We are officially opening the İskele-Çayırova Road, which is a part of the Famagusta Dipkarpaz line. With the completion of this 322-kilometer section as a divided road, transportation to oil, industry, tourism facilities, ancient and historical sites on this route has become easier and driving comfort has increased. With the Balalan-Yenierenköy Road, Nicosia-Değirmenlik-Girne Esentepe Junction projects, we will ensure that the village road improvement works, of which 9 kilometers have been completed, will be concluded in a short time.”

Emphasizing that a stronger infrastructure and a stronger development momentum are possible with cooperation investments in the TRNC, Oktay said, “Wherever there is a bottleneck, wherever there is a slowdown, we want all concerned to take the initiative with a sense of responsibility and take steps towards progress.” he said.

Pier – Çayırova Road; Iskele begins at the Carob Factory Junction at the exit of the Bosphorus and ends at Bafra Junction. The 5×2 lane road with 2 modern roundabouts and 2 shelter pockets (Parking area) was designed with a platform width of 23 meters. With the project, which relieved the traffic density on the route, whose annual average daily traffic (YOGT) amount reached 10 thousand, more comfortable and safer transportation service was offered. This way, a total of 23 million TL will be saved annually, 3,2 million TL from time and 26,2 million TL from fuel oil, and carbon emissions in the region will be reduced by 1.324 tons.

With the project, an important step has been taken in the completion of the Famagusta-Dipkarpaz line, which will connect the eastern part of the TRNC with the comfort of a divided road in the north-south direction.

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