A First 'Iron Bird' Facility in Turkey from TAI

Tusastan is the first iron bird facility in Turkey.
Tusastan is the first iron bird facility in Turkey.

Turkish Aerospace Industries has accelerated its efforts and investments to produce domestic and national products faster. With the flight control system integrated test facility called "Iron Bird", it is aimed to accelerate the development, certification and production processes of domestic and national products; The facility, which is planned to be operational in February 2022, will be a first in the field of aviation in Turkey.

Continuing the infrastructure works to facilitate the development of projects, Turkish Aerospace Industries will provide a strong infrastructure for the integrated testing and verification of critical systems of different configurations, especially HURJET and HURJET, with the "Iron Bird" facility, which it has started to establish. The capabilities to be acquired will also be used for the National Combat Aircraft, which is called Turkey's survival project. All flight critical equipment to be used on the aircraft will be tested at the test facility designed and constructed by Turkish Aerospace Industries engineers.

Among the systems where test activities will be carried out, there will be Flight Control System, Hydraulic System, Landing Gear System, Electrical System (Simulation and real), Simplified Cockpit and Avionics Systems. The facility, where approximately 50 people will work, is expected to operate for more than 30 years.

Speaking about the test facility to be established, Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said: "We continue to break new ground for our country. This structure is a first in Turkey and is among the capabilities of the few companies in the world. With the counter loading systems, it will be possible to observe the flight control system outputs by applying loads to all control surfaces of the aircraft that may be exposed during maneuvers due to environmental conditions. The data collected with real-time recording, playback and instant analysis features was also designed as the primary data center for the operation of the 'Virtual Twin' concept.“

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