Call to Take Residences to Seferihisar: 'Let Those Who Love Seferihisar Be From Seferihisar'

take residences to Seferihisar
take residences to Seferihisar

Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Adult made a call to the citizens who live in the summer area and love Seferihisar. President Adult “According to 2020 statistics, the registered population in Seferihisar seems to be 48.320 people. However, the population in Seferihisar is very different from the official situation since the pandemic process. The support we receive from the state is therefore arranged according to 48.320 people. If our population exceeds 50 thousand, the share allocated to our city from Iller Bank will increase substantially. With the decision of the Assembly, we will be able to carry out or have the infrastructure works of tourism, health, education, industry and trade investments such as water, sewerage, natural gas, road and lighting paid back up to 10 years or free of charge. I would like to call out to my fellow countrymen who love Seferihisar and especially live in the summer area. By taking your residence in Seferihisar, you can increase our service quality.”

“Come on, Seferihisar, we become 50 thousand”

Underlining that if the adult district population exceeds 50 thousand, many advantages envisaged in the law can be benefited, the Mayor called on the citizens to be included in the Address-Based Registration System until the New Year.

Change of residence can be done online

Residences can be obtained online with the teams of Seferihisar Municipality on the field. Address changes will be carried out in a very short time with the help of teams that will travel from street to street in Seferihisar.

Surprise gift for those who take their place of residence

Seferihisar Municipality does not forget its citizens who registered in Seferihisar with a change of address. The municipality will present surprise gifts to all citizens who prove that they have received their birth certificate in Seferihisar.

0 (506) 771 97 53 phone number can be used for information.

Günceleme: 25/10/2021 12:17

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