A First in Turkey in Foça Karakum Beach

a first in turkey on foca karakum beach
a first in turkey on foca karakum beach

Conducted by Dr. The implementation studies of the TÜBİTAK project on “Research on Nutrition Regimes in Sea Cucumber Cultivation” by Özge Buyurgan are carried out on the Karakum Beach with the support of Foça Municipality. Consulted by Ege University Fisheries Faculty Prof. Dr. The results of Baha Büyükışık's project are quite satisfactory.

Stating that they were able to produce larvae by taking eggs and sperm from sea cucumbers, Dr. Ozge Buyurgan; “We are now in the growth stage of the larvae. When the project is completed, sea cucumber (sea eggplant) production from egg to adult will be realized for the first time in Turkey.

Foça Mayor Fatih Gürbüz, who visited the project area, gave Prof. Dr. Baha Büyükışık and Dr. He received information from Özge Buyurgan.

During the duration of the project, it is also aimed to raise awareness about water resources and aquatic creatures by organizing information activities for children in the area. These activities will form the basis of a sustainable “Water Academy” project to be carried out in Foça Municipality.

Sea Cucumbers play a vital role in clearing sea mud. It is in high demand in the pharmaceutical, medicine, alternative medicine and cosmetics sectors with its anti-carcinogenic, blood thinning, good for sexual diseases and aphrodisiac effects.

Sea cucumbers are very valuable commercially. It is consumed extensively as a food source in the Far East and the demand for these creatures is increasing day by day. Its weight is about 200 dollars and its export potential is quite high. Due to overfishing, natural stocks are declining and excess demand cannot be met.

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