Diyarbakir's Drinking Water Problem Solved Until 2055

It solves the drinking water problem of Diyarbakir until
It solves the drinking water problem of Diyarbakir until

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DİSKİ) General Directorate held a kick-off meeting within the scope of the "Dicle Dam Lake Basin Protection Plan Preparation Project", which is the city's most important water resource.

Speaking at the kick-off meeting held in a hotel in Diyarbakir, DISKI General Manager Fırat Tutşi said that the importance of water, which is the most important source of life, is understood better day by day when they are experiencing drought and climate change, which are natural results of global warming.

Stating that underground and surface water resources are not unlimited, Tutşi stated that clean water resources are gradually decreasing and reaching clean water requires more and more effort every day.

“With the new project, we are solving the drinking water problem of Diyarbakır until 2055”

Noting that they started the "Diyarbakır Second Stage Drinking Water Construction", which will solve the drinking water problem of Diyarbakır until 2055, Tutşi said:

“Our project, which will cost 200 million liras, is aimed to be completed by 2023. Thus, Diyarbakir's drinking water problem will be solved until 2055. As the General Directorate of DISKI, we are currently providing the raw water we receive from the Dicle Dam with a 32 kilometer transmission line and 1600 cubic meters of water per second at our Drinking Water Treatment Facility with 3 steel pipes, in potable quality and uninterruptedly, from the taps of 1 million people.”

Tutsi informed that the Dicle Dam was put into operation in 2001 and that the dam lake covers an area of ​​634 square kilometers.

Emphasizing that the entire project area is in the Diyarbakir provincial border, 70% Dicle, 20% Egil, 9% Hani and 1% Ergani district, Tutşi stated that there are 50 neighborhoods in the Dicle Dam Lake Basin.

Stating that they aim to protect the water source and keep its quality under control with the “Dicle Dam Lake Basin Protection Plan Preparation Project”, Tutşi said, “We should take care of the Dicle Dam, which we supply drinking water to Diyarbakir.” said.

Reminding that a contract was signed between DİSK General Directorate and IO Environmental Solutions Company within the scope of the project in June 2021 and the work started on 7 July, Tutşi stated that 19 experts from different disciplines worked in the project.

“We are proud to start the project that will protect our future”

Stating that as a result of the project, special provisions will be made that include the measures and suggestions to be taken for the protection of the water source and the basin, Tutşi concluded his speech as follows:

“A protection plan will be created and socio-economic evaluations will be made and suggestions will be made for the training and awareness-raising activities to be carried out in the basin at the point of implementation of the measures. As the General Directorate of DISKI, I am proud to have started such a beneficial project that will protect our future, and I wish good luck to all our stakeholders.”

Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Erdem Görgün and Geological Engineer Emet Karamürsel each made a presentation and informed the participants.

The meeting was attended by the directors of public institutions and the relevant directors of the municipalities within the borders of the Dicle Dam Basin.

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