Diyarbakir Logistics Center Tender Held

Diyabakir logistics center tender was held
Diyabakir logistics center tender was held

The Metropolitan Municipality held the tender for the "Diyarbakir Logistics Center", which will open Diyarbakir to the Middle East and Central Asian market.

The tender, chaired by the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ayhan Kardan, was held in the Municipal Tender Hall, with the Closed Bid method in accordance with Article 2886 of the State Tender Law No. 36.

Kardan, in his statement, said that the logistics center will make a very serious contribution to the region.

Kardan said: “We have gathered to realize the tender for Turkey's largest logistics center. An investment of 2 million dollars on approximately 200 million 150 thousand square meters will create employment for approximately 5 thousand 500 people. It will make a significant contribution to the economy of the region. It is a very important project for Diyarbakır and our country, we attach great importance to it. Hopefully, it will be a good investment for our country, our city, our region, and it will be a good investment. ''

One company participated in the tender, which was broadcast live to the Metropolitan Municipality on social media accounts and where 2 companies received specifications.

After the last bid of the firm participating in the tender was received, the tender was terminated by the head of the commission to be submitted to the approval of the dispatcher in accordance with Article 2886 of the State Tender Law No. 31.

The Logistics Center, one of the vision projects of Diyarbakır, will provide various services together, from the transportation of imported and exported products and raw materials to the storage of many products to be directed to the domestic market.

Diyarbakir will be Turkey's largest logistics center

The Logistics Center, which will also be a first in the Southeast, will be established on 217 hectares and become Turkey's largest logistics base. The Logistics Center will also include a 5-lane railway terminal.

In the center where there will be 11 warehouses of 16 thousand square meters with railway berthing, 12 warehouses of 500 thousand 8,5 square meters of 600 thousand 11 square meters without railway berthing, 2 warehouses of 900 thousand 23 square meters, licensed warehouse silo area of ​​161 thousand 500 square meters, a railway terminal, a truck park with 700 vehicles, a fuel station. will also be found.

With the establishment of the Logistics Center, it is aimed to contribute greatly to the employment of Diyarbakır, which is located at the intersection of the most important trade routes of the region.

Günceleme: 15/10/2021 17:26

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