Çatalzeytin Bridge Completed in Record Time

Çatalzeytin Bridge Completed in Record Time
Çatalzeytin Bridge Completed in Record Time

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu pointed out that they completed the Çatalzeytin Bridge, one of the bridges destroyed in the flood, in record time, such as 52 days, and said, “Within the scope of the project, we also built the 25-kilometer Bozkurt-Çatalzeytin-Devrekani road and the 6-kilometer Çatalzeytin-Devrekani road. We will,” he said.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu attended the opening of Devrekani-Çatalzeytin Road and Çatalzeytin Bridge. Reminding that the region witnessed the heaviest rainfall and flood disaster in history on August 11, Karaismailoğlu said, “We received the flood notification while fighting forest fires in the Mediterranean Region. Together with our minister friends, we reached the disaster area very quickly before the end of the disaster.”


Expressing that President Erdoğan came to Bozkurt district on 13 August right after the flood and landslide, Karaismailoğlu explained the process as follows:

“Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop provinces have been declared as 'Disaster Areas'. We were on the field with all the organs of our government; We entered every damaged and destroyed building in Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop, and examined every destroyed bridge on site. We were in touch with every household that had a fire. We care deeply about the problems and problems of our citizens. As always, we have stood by our nation as a state from the very first moment in these three provinces. As we saw the trust and hope that our brothers, whose hearts were burning with loss and pain in the search and rescue efforts, felt with our state behind them, our determination became stronger. In this disaster, we wrote the epic of nation-state cooperation and solidarity together.”

2 thousand 779 citizens were evicted

Noting that as the state, they are working hard in search and rescue with all institutions, personnel and construction equipment, Karaismailoğlu said that 2 thousand 779 citizens were evacuated by land, air and sea. Saying, "We collected 64 cubic meters of logs from the sea with steel nets, using the method we applied for the first time," said Karaismailoğlu, the Minister of Transport, "Instead of the destroyed bridges, we completed our temporary bridges with prefabricated culverts for the continuity of transportation in the region in 700 hours. We made the transitions. We urgently met the transportation need by completing the connection and service roads to the entrances and exits of the bridge crossings in a short time.”


Explaining that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, they made 6 construction tenders for the permanent elimination of road damage in Kastamonu, Karaismailoğlu said, “One of the bridges destroyed in the disaster was the Çatalzeytin Bridge, located between Çatalzeytin and Türkeli. We completed the redesigned 68-meter-long bridge in a record time of 90 days, replacing the destroyed 52-meter Çatalzeytin Bridge. We also increased the height of our new 3-span bridge. In this way, in a possible landslide, flood, much stronger and much larger amount of water will pass through. Within the scope of the project, we will also construct the 25-kilometer Bozkurt-Çatalzeytin-Devrekani road and the 6-kilometer Çatalzeytin-Devrekani road.

Karaismailoğlu stated that with the road project, they aim to connect the settlements in the Western Black Sea region to the road network in accordance with the bituminous hot coating standard, and stated that the physical and geometric standards of the sloping, narrow passage that continues on a small and narrow land between Devrekani-Çatalzeytin and Irganlık-Bozkurt will also increase.


Emphasizing that the people of the region will be able to reach them on more comfortable roads, in a fast and safe way, Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu gave the following information about the work done:

“In the flood disaster; In Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop provinces, 228 kilometers of 17 roads with a total length of 155,5 kilometers were damaged. Instead of the destroyed Çatalzeytin Bridge, we completed the bridge and connection road in 48 hours with prefabricated culverts. The approach embankments of the Küre-İkiçay Bridge were destroyed by the landslide, and we opened the bridge to traffic. We opened the road on 20 August by landslide rehabilitation and repair on various sections of the Kastamonu-İnebolu road. We opened the road to traffic on August 21 by repairing the damaged bridges and landslides in various sections, cleaning and fortifications on the Cide-Şenpazar-Kastamonu road. We repaired the damage on the Kanlıçay Bridge on Pınarbaşı Road and opened the bridge on 12 August. We opened the İnebolu-Abana junction-Devrekani Road on 12 August. Damages on the Çatalzeytin-Devrekani road were repaired and we commissioned the road in a short time. Damages on the Azdavay-Şenpazar-Ağlı junction were repaired in the same way and the road was opened on 11 August. We provided access with 18 double culverts by clearing the flood damage on the Bartın-Karabük road in Bahçecik region.”

Explaining that a bridge was built with prefabricated culverts instead of Kavlakdibi Bridge, Karaismailoğlu noted that the damages in all locations were repaired and they opened the road for use on 13 August. Emphasizing that they provided an 8-meter river crossing instead of the Bogazköy Bridge, which was destroyed on Kozcagiz-Kumluca-Abdipaşa Road, Karaismailoğlu said that they provided transportation from the service road on August 22, together with the connection road.


Underlining that transportation to disaster areas is provided urgently with mobile steel bridges, Karaismailoğlu said, “We started transportation from the second and third days of the flood. After all these emergency interventions, we started a mobilization to permanently rebuild the destroyed roads and bridges in the region. Right after the flood, we made 1 separate road tenders, 2 in Bartın, 7 in Sinop, and 10 in Kastamonu, in order to eliminate flood damage and provide better and higher quality transportation. Within the scope of the tenders we made after the flood; We are repairing the Küre İkiçay Bridge in Ersizdekire on the Kastamonu-İnebolu Road and doing the flood damage on the road. Our road construction works continue on the 22nd and 45th kilometers of the Devrekani-Çatalzeytin road, as well as the 51st and 61st kilometers. The tender for the 19 km section of Bozkurt-Devrekani road has also been made and the works will begin.”


Explaining that the damage caused by the flood damage on various sections of the Ağlı-Azdavay junction-Şenpazar road has been corrected, Karaismailoğlu also made the following assessments about the works in Sinop:

“We are continuing our work on landslide cleaning between Şevki Şentürk Bridge, Otogar Bridge Aliköy-Ayancık, filling and fortification between Ayancık exit and İkisu Bridge at great speed. In addition, we opened a service road by carrying out filling works in the section between Boyabat and Ayancık. We will complete the construction of certain sections by the end of the year. We are repairing the 6-kilometer section, including road cleaning and fortification, between Türkeli-İkisu Bridge. Work continues on the 4-kilometer section between İkisu Bridge and Ayancık. The repair of the 4-kilometer section between the İkisu Bridge and Yenikonak continues in the same way. In the coming days, we will first open the Ayancık Bus Station Bridge and then the Şevki Şentürk Bridge to traffic.”

Underlining that the works are continuing in Bartın, Karaismailoğlu stated that the flood damage construction works on the Kozcagiz-Kumluca-Abdipaşa Road are continuing at a great pace, together with the construction of Kavlakdibi, Kirazlı, Kumluca-1, Kumluca-2.

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