Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Starts to Carry Passengers!

antalya stage rail system starts to carry passengers
antalya stage rail system starts to carry passengers

All tests in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 3rd Stage Rail System Project were successfully completed. The new line between Varsak and Museum will carry citizens free of charge for one week, starting from 29 October due to the 25 October Republic Day.

The 3rd Stage Rail System Project, the construction of which was completed by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality between the Bus Station and the Museum, comes into operation. Following the inspection of systems such as signaling, transformer, clearance, traction power on the line, weighted tests using sandbags were also successfully completed.


rail system; Atatürk Station is now ready to transport citizens on the route between Sakarya, Batıgar, Newborn, Kültür, Akdeniz University Hospital, Akdeniz University, Meltem, Training and Research Hospital and Museum Station. The new line will serve the citizens free of charge between 29-October-25 November due to the 1 October Republic Day, with the instruction of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect.


The operation transfer of the 3rd Stage Rail System was made to Antalya Transportation Inc. With the inclusion of the line into the system, uninterrupted transportation will be provided between thevark-Museum. With the mutual transfer to be made, it will be possible to reach the desired point on the Varsak-Museum line and on the Fatih-Airport or Fatih-Expo line. The system will provide relief in public transportation.

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