Volkswagen Factory Investment May Be On The Agenda Again After Pandemic

Volkswagen Factory Investment May Be On The Agenda Again After Pandemic
Volkswagen Factory Investment May Be On The Agenda Again After Pandemic

Speaking about Volkswagen's Manisa investment, Automotive Industry Association Yenigün said, 'VW investment may come back to the agenda after the pandemic'.

Haydar Yenigün, President of the Automotive Industry Association (OSD), made remarkable statements about what happened in the automotive industry and the future of the industry. Although pandemics indicating that the return of the wheel in the industry New day, new investments in Turkey reported that one of the major objectives of the retreat.

Speaking about the Manisa investment that the German automotive manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) gave up, Yenigün said, “Volkswagen had a arrival story, but unfortunately, although it reached a very good maturity, it could not tolerate the trouble associated with the pandemic and changed its decision. I believe this issue will come to the fore again in the years after the pandemic ”.

Haydar Yenigün, with the status of the domestic industry in the world, said, “We are in the 4th position in Europe in terms of automotive production. We are 7 in cars, but we have great superiority in commercial vehicles. We are in the 3rd position in Europe in commercial vehicle production and the 11th place in the world and the 3rd place in Europe may rise even further with new investments in the coming period. Turkey's automotive industry in the glory of honor, reputation is very high. In this regard, we can do these with flexible, efficient and high quality production ”.

'The Localization Rate in Production is in Danger'

OSD President Yenigün underlined that the localization rate in the automotive industry is a very important value and made warnings for the future.

Yenigün said, “We should not be complacent for the future. With developments in electrification, autonomy and software, and customer demands, these rates are in danger of falling. We work on these issues as both the supply industry and the main industry. Disruptive technologies are our agenda items for 2021. This new technology of our company, especially in the supply industry needs to adapt to them a moment ago that we were not put'll always outside her dormitory inside the vehicle technology as the main industry companies from one of our manufacturers in Turkey, assuring our suppliers, "he said.

Stating that the total production capacity in the Turkish automotive industry is 2 million units, Yenigün said, “Our companies continue to invest despite the pandemic. Therefore, we hope that this number will increase in the coming period ”.

'We Exported More Expensive Vehicles'

According to OSD data, exports in the January-September period decreased by 33 percent in terms of quantity and amounted to 616 thousand 120 units. During this period, total automotive exports decreased by 24 percent in dollar terms and 24 percent in euro terms.

Stressing that one should not be pessimistic by looking at the export results in the first 9 months of the year, Haydar Yenigün said, “In March, April and May, Italy and Spain suffered zero in automobile and light commercial sales, and how difficult France and England were. And let's not forget how late the UK market opens. Despite those times, the results achieved in the 9-month period are not bad. Despite a 33 percent decline in quantity in exports, we have a 24 percent delay in terms of money. This shows that we have fallen in units due to the European market, but each vehicle we export is more valuable and is more expensive.

Stating that the news coming from Europe is positive and the sales started to increase, Yenigün said, “We will be positively affected from this. In fact, many of our factories started production with maximum export-oriented capacity, ”he said.

Yenigün, who also shared information about the income per kilogram in exports, reminded that the export value of the main industry was 2019 dollars per kilogram in 9.37, and emphasized that this figure exceeded 10 dollars this year.

'Let's make a deal with the UK 24 hours after the EU'

OSD President Haydar Yenigün also spoke about the year-end market forecast. Noting that they anticipate that the domestic market will close with 2020 thousand units by the end of 750, Yenigün said, “Our preparations are accordingly. This means a serious increase compared to our forecast for July 2020. Of course, it is a very serious increase compared to the market of 490 thousand units last year. Therefore, we are not in a bad situation as a sector. But from now on, we need to continue to grow after 2021, ”he said.

Underlining that Britain, known as Brexit in terms of the future of the industry, closely follows the exit process from the European Union (EU), Yenigün said, “The point we reached as a result of the consultations we made with the ministry as OSD is 24 hours after the European Union and Britain made an agreement Turkey also ensure that making an agreement with the UK. This is our biggest goal right now. As a reminder, Turkey required by the rules of the European Union, the European Union can not direct a free trade agreement with the UK to make a deal, "he said.

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