Istanbul Airport will be reached in 30 minutes by metro

Istanbul Airport will be reached in 30 minutes by metro
Istanbul Airport will be reached in 30 minutes by metro

On the Kağıthane-Gayrettepe Airport Metro Line, it is planned to open the route between Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport by the end of April 2021 and the Gayrettepe side next year.

 There will be 324 Kilometers Metro Network in Istanbul

Currently, construction of a 37,5-kilometer-long metro line, including the 91-kilometer Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport Metro, continues in Istanbul. Istanbul's active rail system network is currently 233 kilometers. Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport line is 37,5 kilometers. The continuation of this line, Airport-Halkalı 32 kilometers between.

It is planned to open the route between Kağıthane and Istanbul Airport by the end of April 2021 and the Gayrettepe side within the next year. Airport, which is the continuation of this line,Halkalı will be operational in 2022. With a giant staff of 4 people on the Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport line, the work continues at full speed. When the projects under construction are completed, there will be a metro network that will reach 500 kilometers in Istanbul.

75% Progress Has Been Achieved in Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport Metro Construction "

9 percent progress has been achieved in the construction of 75 stations within the scope of Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport Metro line.

“Under-rail concrete and panel precast manufacturing, rail laying and electromechanical manufacturing works continue. In total, the physical progress of the project is at the level of 75 percent, making great progress in the track laying and other superstructure works under construction. Gayrettepe-Airport Metro will be the project of bests and records in many respects. In order to complete the project as soon as possible, 10 excavation machines were used for the first time in our country in this subway project.

Turkey's fastest excavated underground project in history. However, Turkey's fastest subway cars will be used in this line. Until December, 4 vehicles will start tests in 10 sets. The speed limit of existing subways in our country is maximum 80 kilometers, but Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro line has been designed to speed 120 km per hour.

Domestic Signal Will Be Used For The First Time

As in the construction of the metro line, priority was given to using domestic and national facilities in the construction of train sets. The manufacturing of 136 vehicles to be produced within the scope of the project has a 60 percent localization requirement.

Said line again a first in Turkey to be opened to local and national businesses using the subway signaling systems, local signals to be used for the first time made aselsan'l to cooperate.

Within the scope of the project, Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport section is planned to be put into service in the last quarter of 2021. When the metro line is completed, it will offer 600 thousand Istanbul residents the opportunity to travel between Gayrettepe and Istanbul Airport in a short time like 30 minutes. While the metro line crosses the borders of Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kağıthane, Eyüp and Arnavutköy districts, the urban road will also significantly reduce the traffic load.


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