Tesla 7-seat Model Y Production to Begin in November

tesla-7-seater-model-y-production-to begin-in-november-
Tesla 7-seat Model Y Production to Begin in November

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on his personal Twitter account that Tesla will begin producing the 7-seat Model Y in November. However, Model Y customers will have to pay an extra $ 3000 for this option. Thus, a new vehicle alternative has emerged for large American families with many children and often pet dogs.

Model Ys, Tesla's electric mini SUVs, can now be purchased for just under $ 50 with a tax advantage. Musk has announced that discounts can be made on these models in recent months. Therefore, it is expected that the price of the Model Y may decrease next year.

Another news from the Model Y ranks is that Tesla will start production of the vehicle at the Gigafactory in Berlin. In this way, Musk plans to sell Tesla to European customers at an affordable price.

Tesla will also manufacture Model Y batteries at its factory in Berlin.

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