Altınkale Project Similar to Pamukkale Travertines Completed!

Altınkale Project Similar to Pamukkale Travertines Completed!
Altınkale Project Similar to Pamukkale Travertines Completed!

The works initiated by the Sivas Special Provincial Administration in the Hot Cermik Thermal Region, 31 kilometers from Sivas, continue with the asphalting works carried out by the Sivas Municipality.

While the interest of the citizens in the project, which adds value to the city in terms of tourism, is increasing, it is planned to open before the end of the year with the completion of all the ongoing works in the Altınkale project in a short time.

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, who examined the ongoing and ending practices in Hot Çermik, visited the area of ​​the project and made statements to the press.

Sulphurous Water Healing Spring

Governor Ayhan said that Hot Çermik hot spring is one of the most important tourism centers of Sivas. Stating that the thermal waters and sulphurous water in the region are a source of healing and that the citizens who come here spend time in peace, Governor Ayhan noted that new projects have started to increase the diversity of tourism in the region. Pointing out that Altınkale project similar to Pamukkale was made by using the color of sulfur, Governor Ayhan said that Altınkale, which was brought to life with the works of Sivas Special Provincial Administration, will be opened soon.

We Know It Our Duty to Serve Our People

Stating that the project attracted great attention from the citizens, Governor Ayhan said, “The Altınkale project added a different color to the region. It is one of our duties to offer such beauties to the service of our society and nation in the middle of Anatolia. We have completed a beautiful project here by taking advantage of the minerals in the geothermal resource and its yellow color, which is a blessing God has given Sivas. Our Sivas Municipality has added a different meaning to this project and landscape works with the asphalt works that started today. " said.

Emphasizing that the spa area will be the center of attraction and the number of visitors in Sivas will increase with the arrival of the high-speed train to Sivas, Governor Ayhan noted that the infrastructure works in the region will be carried out quickly without losing time.

Stating that many projects prepared to add value to tourism in Sivas continue to work on the field, Governor Ayhan said, “Construction works continue in our Kangal dog farm and Hamidiye Culture Park. On the other hand, there are many projects that we follow with sensitivity such as Emirhan Rocks, Historical Grand Mosque restoration in Divriği, Arasta Bazaar and Glass Terrace Projects. " said.

We Will Continue to Brainstorm

Wishing the Altınkale project to be beneficial for Sivas, Governor Ayhan thanked everyone who contributed to the project. Governor Ayhan said, “As our citizens show interest in the project, 'How can we serve better?' we are brainstorming. Hiking trails, cafes, recreation areas and social facilities will also be added in the region. " said.

Governor Salih Ayhan, Deputy Mayor of Sivas Bekir Sıtkı Eminoğlu, Deputy Secretary General of Provincial Special Administration Mevlüt Soysal, technical staff of Provincial Special Administration and SİVJET officials also participated in the study tour made to Hot Çermik Region.

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