Galata Tower Hosted More Than 15 Thousand Visitors In A Week

Galata Tower Hosted More Than 15 Thousand Visitors In A Week
Galata Tower Hosted More Than 15 Thousand Visitors In A Week

The historical Galata Tower, which reopens its doors after the restoration, is flooded with visitors despite the strict epidemic measures.

The historical Tower, which was opened by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy last week, was visited by a total of 15 thousand 685 people in a week.

Galata Tower, one of the oldest towers in the world, which reflects the deep traces of history from the Genoese to the Ottoman, hosted 687 visitors the day after the magnificent opening prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

On the second day, 749 people came to Galata Tower, which is like an observation deck in Istanbul and can be visited with Müzekart.

Galata Tower started to host more and more visitors every day and the number of the third day was 819.

From Galata Tower, which doubled the number of visitors at the weekend, 3 thousand 225 people watched Istanbul on Saturday and 3 thousand 158 people on Sunday.

The Tower, which started this week with 2 visitors, was visited by 96 people yesterday.

Controlled Visits in the Outbreak 

Galata Tower, which was transformed into a museum and where additions such as restaurants and restaurants were removed, gained a brand new arrangement with the restoration of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

From past to present, visitors to the Tower, which takes its guests on a historical journey with the exhibition area, are considered controlled due to Kovid-19 measures.

In Galata Tower, where attention is paid to social distance and use of masks, the daily visitor figures are expected to exceed 4 thousand after the epidemic.

Galata Tower Visitor Numbers

07.10.2020 1.687
08.10.2020 1.749
09.10.2020 1.819
10.10.2020 3.225
11.10.2020 3.158
12.10.2020 2.096
13.10.2020 1.951
TOTAL 15.685


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