İBB Metrobus Discusses Converting into Trolley

İBB Metrobus Discusses Converting into Trolley
İBB Metrobus Discusses Converting into Trolley

Work on a new project related to the metrobus line in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started after the new metrobuses of domestic production, which were tested, were not inspected. According to the information obtained, there is the transformation of the metrobus into a trolleybus on the agenda of IMM.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu had promised to increase the travel capacity on the metrobus line before the election. Studies have been continuing since last year. At this time last year, new locally produced BRT vehicles were tested with a test drive. New vehicles that almost double the passenger capacity have been tested but not approved. Now, a new project for the new BRT line is being worked on.

According to the news of Esra Boğazyılan from HaberTürk based on her sources in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, according to the information I learned; The transformation of the metrobus into a trolleybus is on the agenda.

What is trolleybus?

The trolleybus is an electric bus that gets its power from two wires in an electric line that usually hangs along the road. The reason for using two cables is that it is impossible to complete the circuit with a single cable due to the use of rubber wheels, unlike trams.

The first trolleybus was the system established on April 29, 1882 in the suburb of Berlin. Ernst Werner von Siemen named this system as “Elektromote”.

Istanbul story of the trolleybus

Upon the trams that served Istanbul residents on both sides for many years could not meet the needs of the city in the 1960s; Considering that it is more economical than buses, it is decided to establish a trolleybus system. For trolleybuses whose power is supplied from double overhead power lines, the first line is laid between Topkapı and Eminönü. Trolleybuses ordered to the Italian company Ansaldo San Giorgia in 1956-57 enter service on 27 May 1961. The cost of the network, which has a total length of 45 kilometers, 6 power centers and 100 trolleybuses, reaches 70 million TL according to that day's figure. When 'Tosun', which was produced entirely by IETT workers, joined the vehicles serving from Şişli and Topkapı garages and whose door numbers were listed from one to one hundred, the number of vehicles became 1968. Tosun serves Istanbulites for 101 years with its 101 house number.

Trolleybuses, which frequently stay on the roads due to power cuts and their voyages are disrupted, are dismissed on 16 July 1984 on the grounds that they prevent traffic. The vehicles are sold to the General Directorate of ESHOT (Electricity, Water, Gas, Bus and Trolleybus) affiliated to Izmir Municipality. The 23-year Istanbul adventure of trolleybuses comes to an end.



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