Fractal Nature Reflections on PTT Stamps

Fractal Nature Reflections on PTT Stamps
Fractal Nature Reflections on PTT Stamps

The first day envelope prepared by Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı Anonim Şirketi (PTT AŞ) consisting of four valuable commemorative stamps consisting of the most beautiful fractal examples of nature, snowflake, peacock feathers, fern and snail shell, and images of clouds, lightning and tree branches, will be circulated on 4 October 15. was presented.

Commemorative stamps on "Fractal Reflections of Nature" with a price of 15 TL + 2020 TL + 3,00 TL + 3,00 TL (6,50 × 6,50 mm in size), which are put into circulation on 36 October 52, paid first day envelope address, philately mobile application and PTT workplaces.

The same PTT Stamp Museum Hacıbayram Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı No: 3 Ulus Altındağ / ANKARA started to use the first day stamp labeled "FRAKTAL NATURE REFLECTIONS 15.10.2020 ANKARA".

In order to support the protection of public health due to the coronavirus epidemic, to prevent crowding in PTT workplaces and to enable customers to perform philatelic transactions before they come to PTT workplaces; Customers who request the first day envelope offered for sale on 15 October 2020, If the product is purchased within 6 months from the date of circulation, it can be sent with postal stamp.

Special date stamp and postal stamp requests of customers for philatelic products (if they comply with the Philatelic Business Procedure) will be met if submitted to PTT AŞ within 15 months as of October 2020, 3.


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