Continues to Support Ankara Metropolitan Minibus Tradesmen

Continues to Support Ankara Metropolitan Minibus Tradesmen
Continues to Support Ankara Metropolitan Minibus Tradesmen

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department continues to support minibus shopkeepers during the pandemic process. Continuing to distribute masks and disinfectants at minibus stops, Ankara Police increased its measures against the coronavirus epidemic in public transportation vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased its measures especially in public transportation vehicles in order to prevent the spread of the coranavirus epidemic, continues to support transportation tradesmen.

The Ankara Police continues to distribute disinfectants and masks to the minibus tradesmen who are experiencing difficult times due to the virus.


Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams distributed masks and disinfectants at Gülbaba, Bentderesi, Cento and Güvenpark Dolmuş Stations, which are used extensively by the citizens of the capital.

Stating that they simultaneously provide hygiene support to the transport tradesmen, the Branch Manager of the Police Department, Veda Oğan said, “As the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we delivered 4 thousand masks and 10 140-liter disinfectants to the station representatives at the 5 minibus stop points. Our people can ride these minibuses, which are cleaned daily, with peace of mind. "Our work will continue throughout the pandemic."


Participating in the distribution of masks and disinfectants at Güvenpark Dolmuş Station, Ankara Minibuses' Chamber General Secretary Murat Kurt said, “During the pandemic process, the Metropolitan Municipality was with us. Our vehicles were disinfected, masks were distributed and fuel support was provided. We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who supported the minibus business owners the most during the pandemic process, ”and Çakır Karakoç, Deputy Chairman of the Ankara Chamber of Minibuses, said,“ Our people and our tradesmen are also very pleased with the work done by our Metropolitan Municipality and the support provided in this process. We thank Mansur Yavaş and all the municipal staff one by one. Our municipality is constantly looking for us, they are helping, ”he said.

Murat Özakman, Member of the Board of Directors of the Ankara Chamber of Minibuses, who participated in the distribution at the Gülbaba Dolmuş Station, shared his thoughts with the words "Thank you to our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who helped us in material and spiritual matters and did not leave us alone."


Emphasizing that the mask and disinfectant support distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality is important for the health of both the passengers and themselves, the minibus shopkeepers said:

  • Mustafa Erdugan: “We thank the Metropolitan Municipality for their support. They have always been with us during the pandemic process. "
  • Duran Escapes: “First of all, we would like to thank Mansur Yavaş for taking care of and supporting us. We are very pleased with the help and work done. "
  • Metin Tokes: “Our president has always been with us. Thank you very much to the Metropolitan Municipality. "
  • Volkan Polat: “Thank you very much for these masks and disinfectants that are distributed considering the health of the public and our health. God bless our President Mansur Yavaş. "
  • Niyazi Sutcu: “Our President, Mansur Yavaş, supported us financially and morally during the coronavirus epidemic. We are very satisfied with their service. I also thank you for the masks and disinfectants distributed today. "
  • Expedition Rookie: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, our President of Mansur has supported us in every material and spiritual issue besides masks and disinfectants. I would like to thank Mansur Yavaş and everyone who contributed for the services they have done. "
  • Alaattin High: “We are going through very difficult times during the coronavirus period. We are experiencing great financial difficulties. Our Mansur President did not leave us alone in these difficult days and supported us in all matters. By distributing masks and disinfectants, they ensure that our passengers and us travel more safely. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for his efforts. "

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