The Claim That Çukurova Airport Tender Has Been Changed In Favor Of The Company

The Claim That Çukurova Airport Tender Has Been Changed In Favor Of The Company
The Claim That Çukurova Airport Tender Has Been Changed In Favor Of The Company

New claims came to the fore in the tender for Çukurova Airport, which was canceled after the Limak-Kalyon-Cengiz Construction Joint Venture Group was eliminated. CHP Adana Deputy Burhanettin Bulut said that before the tender to be held on October 26, the changes in the specifications were made to deliver the tender to the joint venture, which was eliminated in the first tender.

Bulut brought the issue to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with a parliamentary question demanded by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to be answered.

DHMİ opened a tender for the construction and operation of the Çukurova Airport superstructure facilities using the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. In the tender, which was canceled after the Limak-Kalyon-Cengiz Construction joint venture was eliminated, the bid bond amount was determined as 600 thousand Euros. The tender will be able to bid until October 26.

Bulut pointed out the changes made before the tender and pointed out the reasons of DHMI "that the previous projects were not applicable because they were too costly, the project was stopped by the bankruptcy of the company and the construction site was flooded" Bulut, who did not want to participate in the new tender, He stated that a new project was procured with the tender.


Stating that the specification for the operation of the airport superstructure facilities with the BOT model has been changed and the third tender process has started, Bulut said:

“When the last specification is compared with the first two tender specifications, it is claimed that the balance of payments was completely changed in favor of the contractor, and changes were made in a way that would disable the control of the administration, such as providing the projects completely by the contractor. In addition, although it was determined to reduce the terminal building to 60 thousand square meters, the issues of how to revise the existing 150 thousand square meters of debris construction and how the project will be built on it have been made completely unclear. Apart from the aforementioned tender, the possibilities that the issues related to the existing debris can be easily thrown out of the tender and bring a separate burden to the investment have been made open because the project was carried out by the contractor firm itself. The fact that the tender is held without a preliminary project raises the concern that the contractor will bring down any problem existing in the field to the administration. "

Bulut posed the following questions in his resolution:

  • What is the reason for the amendment of the 3rd tender specifications of Çukurova Airport superstructure facilities? Although the terminal building will be reduced to 60 thousand square meters, how will the existing construction area of ​​150 thousand square meters be revised?
  • What is the justification for leaving all projects and project decisions to the contractor with a specification that makes it impossible to control by the administration?
  • Why was the preliminary project not requested in the tender specifications? What was the public loss with the cancellation of the first project tender for superstructure facilities?
  • How much did the new project cost?
  • Why were these projects not used in the 2rd tender while the administration has 3 projects related to investment and the project procurement was left to the contractor?
  • Limak-Cengiz-Kalyon Joint Venture was eliminated due to the conditional offer in the tender. What are these conditions that cause elimination and are these conditions included in the 3rd tender specifications?
  • Are these changes made to deliver the tender to the joint venture that was eliminated in the first tender? "

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