How to Cancel Subscription Via e-Government?

How to Cancel Subscription Via e-Government?
How to Cancel Subscription Via e-Government?

The "Subscription Termination Application" service, which enables subscription cancellation applications in electronic communications to be made via e-Government, has been launched as of today. With this feature coming to e-Government, subscription termination transactions can now be made over the internet. Transactions involving 12 companies and subscriptions such as internet, sim card and satellite television can be canceled. So, How to Cancel Subscription Via e-Government?

The transactions requested by many companies in subscription cancellation were giving citizens a hard time. Subscription cancellations can now be made via e-Government.

After the termination application made through the e-Government Gateway, the pricing for the service will be stopped by the service provider within 24 hours.


  1. Check your subscriptions.
  2. Verify your personal information.
  3. Select the subscription you want to terminate.
  4. Fill in your reason for termination application.
  5. Sign the subscription termination document.
  6. Your termination process is complete.

First, you need to enter the BTK's 'Subscription Termination Application' page in e-Government.

Then log in to e-Government via mobile signature, e-signature, TR ID Card or banking applications to pass the 'Verify My Identity Now' step.

After logging in, choose the subscription you want to cancel. Click on the subscriber query link.

You can complete your cancellation from the 'make a termination application' tab.


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