Good News of the Bicycle Road to University Campuses by Mansur Yavaş

The Good News of the Bicycle Road to University Campuses by Mansur Yavaş
The Good News of the Bicycle Road to University Campuses by Mansur Yavaş

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş also took action to fulfill his promise to university students after the bicycle road between Anıtpark-Beşevler intersection was opened. Surprising Başkent University students in the new academic year, Mayor Yavaş completed the round-trip 4,4-kilometer cycle path in the University's Bağlıca campus. The Metropolitan Municipality continues negotiations for the campuses of other universities that are suitable for bicycle path construction.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to implement practices that make life easier for students of the capital city.

Mayor Yavaş, who realized the first phase of the "Bicycle Road Project", which has an important place among transportation projects, and opened the 400-meter bicycle path between Anıtpark-Beşevler intersection, also fulfills his promises to university students one by one.

Within the scope of the project, which was initiated to encourage students, lecturers and employees of public and private universities to use bicycles for a healthy life on campus, the Metropolitan Municipality built the first bicycle path at Başkent University.


Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams completed a total of 4,4 kilometers round-trip bicycle path in Başkent University Bağlıca campus in a short time.

Başkent University Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Haberal stated that Mayor Yavaş proposed building a bicycle path to the campuses in his meeting with university rectors and made the following evaluations:

“At the meeting held by our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş with university rectors in the past weeks, we reached a consensus on the cooperation between universities and the Metropolitan Municipality on various issues. Mr. President brought up the project of building bicycle paths in university campuses. Within a short time, Metropolitan teams finished the bicycle path in our campus. This project will enable the campuses to become more vital, where our students and their families can easily ride bicycles not only during academic periods but also during the weekends. I would like to thank our Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş and his team for carrying out such a project on the Başkent University campus. "

In the new academic year, employees were as delighted as the students who were confronted with the bicycle road surprise.

-Bekir Mert Kuzu: “I work as a Sports Specialist at Başkent University Sports Services Directorate. A bicycle path was built in our university. Currently, both students and administrative staff use the road. Our daily cycling rate will increase. It was something our university wanted very much. We thank our President Mansur for realizing the project. It will be a good activity for us both in terms of sports and lunch breaks. "

-Metin Mermer: “I am working as an officer in charge of Başkent University Bicycle House. A bicycle path was built in our university. It has contributed and benefited us a lot. It plays an important role for sports activities. We received very important and beautiful returns from everyone who used this road. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed. "


Metropolitan Municipality held meetings with Gazi University, Middle East Technical University (METU) and Turkish Aeronautical Association University, after Başkent University, within the scope of the bicycle routes to be implemented in university campuses.

After the meeting, it was decided to start the construction of approximately 2,6 kilometers of bicycle path in Gazi University campus area, approximately 2,9 kilometers in METU campus, and 1,2 kilometers in campus area of ​​Turkish Aeronautical Association. Bicycle paths to be built in the campus areas will serve as one-way and round trips. While it is planned to construct a pedestrian path in addition to the bicycle path to be located in the landscape area within the METU campus, the Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its negotiations for the bicycle path between METU-Hacettepe and Bilkent University on the campus.

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