Top Level Assignment in GNC Makina

Top Level Assignment in GNC Makina
Top Level Assignment in GNC Makina

Since the day it was founded in 2010, GNC Makina has made a fast progress towards institutionalization with the aim of creating added value for its solution partners and maximum benefit to the sector, and a high-level appointment was made in GNC Makina.

GNC Makina has made an important appointment that will strengthen this target by determining the needs of the sector with its widespread service network and field advantage and to respond in the fastest and most reliable way. In line with the institutionalization efforts, another important step was taken and a professional General Manager was appointed to head GNC Makina. Emre Seçkin, who has been working as the After Sales Services Manager since October 2019, became the first professional General Manager of GNC Makina.

Emre Seçkin, born in 1976 in Istanbul, graduated from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department in 1998 and completed his MBA at Boğaziçi University in 2008. Seçkin worked as a manager at various levels both at local and regional levels in Borusan Otomotiv in her professional career of 22 years. Seçkin, who founded his own company between 2014-2017 and worked as a management consultant, took on the role of General Manager at Piyalepaşa Automotive between 2017-2018. Emre Seçkin, who has been working as GNC Makina After Sales Services Manager since September 2019, started to work as the General Manager of GNC Makina as of October 1, 2020.

Having 12 years of managerial experience, Seçkin took over the task from Gökhan Yıldız, who brought GNC Makina to these days with a vision that makes a difference as one of the founding partners of GNC Makina and will concentrate on strategy studies with her partners in the Board of Directors.

In the meeting where all GNC Makina employees came together at Yıldız Hisar Restaurant, a task handover ceremony was held. In her opening speech, Gökhan Yıldız touched upon the ten-year history of GNC Makina and left the floor to Emre Seçkin. Seçkin, who took over the flag, talked about the goals of 2021 and shared that GNC Makina aims to produce results that make a difference in every field it touches, and shared its mission, vision and future dreams. The meeting ended at the end of the dinner, which was enjoyed after the ceremony.

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