Kajetanowicz Rally Turkey, Pirelli's Domination Continues the Registrant

Kajetanowicz Rally Turkey, Pirelli's Domination Continues the Registrant
Kajetanowicz Rally Turkey, Pirelli's Domination Continues the Registrant

Pirelli's many drivers carrying Kajetan Kajetanowicz European Rally Championship title, WRC (World Rally Championship) Turkey on foot "Rally 2 'standings Pirelli's continued dominance.

Kajetanowicz's Skoda finished the race in front of the similarly featured car of Pontus Tidemand, nephew of former Pirelli rider and 2003 World Rally Champion Petter Solberg. Racing with Pirelli tires, the two Skoda Fabia R5 brought the Italian brand first and second place in the classification. Thanks to Marco Bulacia and Yağız Avcı taking the fourth and fifth place with their Citroen C3 R5 respectively, four of the top five cars of the class were equipped with Pirelli tires. Rally 2 falls under the main category of World Rally Cars, where Pirelli will become the sole tire supplier under a three-year agreement from 2021.

The lessons learned from the rally races this season and the special test program with WRC star Andreas Mikkelsen will be transferred to the next generation tires Pirelli will provide for World Rally Cars from next year.

Harsh and hot conditions made tires more important

The Rally of Turkey, which was run on a completely dirt track on the roads of Marmaris, witnessed dramatic moments from start to finish due to tire bursts caused by sharp stones while passing extremely tough due to harsh and hot conditions. However, Pirelli drivers managed to come out of this tough race with a clear head and finish at the top of their classifications. In addition to demonstrating its dominance with R2 cars in Rally 5 in Turkey, Pirelli also competed in WRC2 and WRC3 (for factory and private cars) races. kazanwas.

Pirelli Rally Activity Manager Terenzio Testoni, Turkey found the following comment on the rally: "The most famous world champion so that punishes even the toughest and most important factor was a tense rally in reliability. Having the fastest car was definitely not enough; You also needed tires that were explosion-resistant and very strong, which was a constant risk. Turkey Rally, the toughest conditions suitable hard paste Scorpion K4 tire land played a key role in our success. "Thanks to the perfect balance between speed and endurance, we were able to take four of the top five places in Rally 2."

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