Revolution in Istanbul Public Transport! All Buses Unite in IETT

Revolution in Istanbul Public Transport! All Buses Unite in IETT
Revolution in Istanbul Public Transport! All Buses Unite in IETT

Private public buses and Istanbul Transportation Inc. buses that have been subsidized by IMM for years, have been combined under the roof of IETT. All buses will be one color in Istanbul from now on. Instead of IMM's subsidy payments, buses will be guaranteed income. With the system that will increase the quality of public transportation and drivers, the number of trips organized by IETT will increase.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğluThe mass transportation revolution, which has been worked on for a year, has come to life. IMM has completed the revolutionary transformation system in public transportation as a result of nearly 30 meetings and workshops with tradesmen representatives, council members and lawyers under the coordination of IETT.

With the unanimous decision of the IMM Assembly at its yesterday session, the private public bus system in Istanbul was removed. With the system that radically changed the public transportation system in Istanbul, private public buses and Istanbul ve Ulasim AS, Istanbul Bus Inc., merged under the roof of IETT.

With the decision involving restructuring the operating model in order to use the existing capacity of public transportation buses in the most efficient way, 3.041 private public buses and 930 Istanbul Transportation Inc. buses will be operated by IETT with the service procurement and car rental system. The decision was made due to the fact that the travel revenues obtained from the public transportation service on buses did not cover the operating expenses and because of the heavy passenger transportation on some lines.


With the new system, all buses will be painted in one color. The flights will be reshaped in accordance with the metro routes. Thus, IETT will be free from additional financial burden. All buses will have one type of clothing. There will be an improvement in working hours and social rights. With all these efforts, the complaints of the people of Istanbul in public transportation will be reduced.

Providing information to the IMM Assembly on the issue, CHP Council Member and Group Secretary Mesut Kösedağı said, “During the pandemic, public transportation was dragged into an uncertainty. With the new system, the public transportation quality of Istanbul will increase and IETT will avoid additional costs. IETT will now be able to organize flights to many more destinations in Istanbul. With the private public buses and Istanbul Transportation Inc. buses, the drivers will be under the guarantee of IMM and will have a regular and certain income ”.

IMM Council Good Party Group Sözcüand Transportation-Traffic Commission Member Dr. Stating that this decision is a revolution in public transportation, Suat Sarı said, “With the system, more buses passing through one line will be prevented. More bus services can be arranged to every point of Istanbul, ”he said.


With the important work carried out by IMM to expand the rail system network in Istanbul, buses will no longer be preferred on the lines with subways. Instead of tiring and long rides on long lines, 'feed' bus lines, which are integrated into the subways, will serve more frequently and with fewer passengers.


In the new system, a computer and tracking system will be installed on all vehicles. IETT will be able to control all buses online. With the software system of Mobiett and Atayol, citizens will be able to see the vehicle occupancy in advance. Problems in the vehicle can be immediately reported to the IETT fleet tracking system, and intervened by connecting to the bus online.


Private public bus drivers will receive academic training with the Istanbul Transportation Academy, which will be launched soon. Only drivers who have completed their training will be able to work in buses. A certain point system will be brought to each driver. Drivers who increase their score with citizen satisfaction, safe driving and other technical criteria will be given additional awards. Drivers who receive heavy complaints from citizens, violate traffic safety and endanger passengers will no longer be able to serve as bus drivers when they fall below a berilli score.


There were difficulties in transferring buses to the regions in need due to the management of buses in Istanbul with 3 different operating systems and especially the private public buses operating in 76 narrow areas. Due to the income-oriented work of private public bus tradesmen, there are occasional passenger grabbing races and line fights; They had to avoid vehicle maintenance and comfort services. The difficulties of the pandemic process have also increased these troubles. In order to overcome all these negativities, IMM made a subsidy of 71 million TL and student subscription support of 11 million TL for private buses, excluding IETT.

With the new system, subsidy payments will be removed, and bus owners and drivers will be provided with an income guarantee in return for service purchases. Monthly fees will be paid by IETT over kilometers. The income concerns of the tradesmen and the images of over-filled buses, passenger grabbing races and neglected vehicles due to this anxiety will end. So, what do all buses do each month? kazanit will be obvious.


In public transportation by bus in a month in Istanbul, an average of 80 million trips and 22 million kilometers are made per month. In Istanbul, 814 million 6 thousand trips are made daily with a total of 3 thousand buses on 785 bus lines. Public transportation service by bus across Istanbul was provided by IETT buses with 5 legal entities representing private transporters, 1 IMM affiliate.

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