Coronavirus Controls Will Increase In Eskişehir

Coronavirus Controls Will Increase In Eskişehir
Coronavirus Controls Will Increase In Eskişehir

Within the scope of the Action Plan to Combat Corona Virus, Metropolitan Municipality police teams continue their inspections throughout the city. Reminding that the controls will continue to increase due to the increase in the number of cases, Metropolitan Municipality officials shared the information that 8% of the capacity in trams and buses started to be transported with the decision of the Provincial General Hygiene Board on 50 September.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been trying to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic with the measures it has taken since the beginning of March, continues its controls within the scope of the action plan it has implemented with determination. Police teams, who continue their general inspections, especially in bakeries and patisseries for public health, regularly carry out checks on public transportation vehicles. Stating that they regularly inspect all public transportation, especially taxis and minibuses, Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that there were some changes in public transportation within the framework of the decisions taken by the Provincial General Hygiene Board on 8 September. The authorities, who shared information within the scope of the changes, said, “With the latest decisions, it was decided to carry passengers as much as the number of seats in minibuses and minibuses and buses with no dilution or lift in their seat capacity, but to carry passengers at the rate of 50% of the passenger capacity in trams and buses with diluted capacity. In this context, we will be able to take passengers with 50% capacity in our buses with diluted seat capacity, as in trams. The main thing here is that our citizens can keep their distance inside the vehicles and use their masks not under the chin but in a way to cover their mouth and nose. Within the scope of the decisions taken on the same day, the obligation to wear a mask wherever we are outside the home was also imposed. They reminded the increasing number of cases in Eskişehir, saying that our request from our citizens is to comply with the mask and distance rules and fulfill their personal responsibilities.

“There is a mask… There is a mask! The decision is Yours! ”

While the Metropolitan Municipality continues its inspections, it continues to work to warn citizens about the pandemic with social media and billboards for the city. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously equipped the city with works on masks and distance, said, with the increasing number of cases, 'There is a Mask… There is a Mask! The decision is Yours! ' Written works began to hang all over the city. In the visuals, photographs of the elderly, young, children, women, men and individuals of all ages were shared in the hospital in the condition of intubation without listening.



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