Emirates Gives Students and Families Benefits All Year Round

Emirates Gives Students and Families Benefits All Year Round
Emirates Gives Students and Families Benefits All Year Round

Emirates offers an exciting new opportunity to help international students see more of their family and the world throughout the year.

Year-round student passengers on school holidays, whether to travel between home and school or to see more of the world with friends, special discounts on Economy and Business class fares, plus additional baggage benefit on top of Emirates' generous standard baggage allowance and 7 days prior to travel They can enjoy free date changes in their reservations.

In addition, their families and companions who accompany students on one of the flights where the trip takes place can also take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Millions of students choose to continue their education at institutions outside of their home country, and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics shows that the number tends to rise as young people become more aware of their travel and education options. Lots of international student friends or new experiences kazanHe also travels during the school year to

Emirates' campaign encourages students to see more of the world and visit their families more often, with the flexibility to change their bookings if their travel plans change, in line with the company's proposal to become a global unifier of people and countries.

Tickets must be purchased by 31 October 2020 using the STUDENT promo code. The maximum validity of stay for all tickets is 12 months. For more information about the offer, we kindly ask you to visit the address below: http://www.emirates.com/studentoffer2020

Miles that students can redeem for flights, upgrades and a range of exciting rewards if they sign up for the Emirates Skywards passenger loyalty program kazancan.

Health and safety: Emirates has implemented a comprehensive set of measures, including the distribution of free hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to all passengers to ensure the safety of passengers and employees, both on the ground and in the air, at every step of their journey. For more information about these measures and the services available on each flight, visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/your-safety/ .

In order to protect the safety of travelers, visitors and the community, UAE citizens, UAE residents, tourists and all passengers transferring from there are required to undergo COVID-19 PCR testing, regardless of which country they come from.

Free, global coverage for COVID-19-related costs: If they are diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel, passengers can now travel safely, thanks to the airline's commitment to cover medical costs related to COVID-19 for free. This coverage is valid for passengers flying with Emirates until 31 October 2020 (first flight must be completed on or before 31 October 2020). Passengers benefit from this application for 31 days from the moment they make their first flight. With this application, Emirates passengers continue to benefit from the assurance of this coverage even if they travel to another city after arriving with Emirates. More information can be found at: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/covid19-cover/

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