People's Grocery and Producers Market Together in Buca

People's Grocery and Producers Market Together in Buca
People's Grocery and Producers Market Together in Buca

The People's Grocery, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opened its sixth branch in Buca Butchers Square in order to deliver healthy, cheap and reliable food to the public, attracts great attention. The Buca Villages Producer Sales Area, established in the same square, brings together the inhabitants of Buchali with non-middlemen every Thursday.

The People's Bakka, which was implemented by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible", continues to meet the people of Izmir in different parts of the city. The first one was opened in Kemeraltı, Konak Gültepe in a short time, Bayraklı Ozkanlar, Karşıyaka Reaching Kyrenia and Menemen Ulukent, People's Bakkalı opened its sixth branch in Buca Butchers Square. In the Buca Villages Producer Sales Area, which is set up every Thursday in the square, natural products meet the citizens of Buchae at 60 looms in total. The market, where 63 producers, mostly women from Belenbaşı, Karacaağaç, Doğancılar, Kırklar villages, and members of the Buca Villages Agricultural Development Cooperative and Buca Women Producer Cooperative, are brought together without intermediaries.

"A bridge with the people's grocer"

People's Grocery is built walls between each other until today, Bronze Chairman said that a bridge is seen among manufacturers winning the bread by the sweat with millions of citizens in cities Soyer, this bridge than they would continue to strengthen, he said the project will work to spread throughout Turkey. President Soyer go with native seed, handle the product produced and to raise the value-added manufacturer of cooperatives or associations to ensure the organization under the umbrella products throughout Turkey and the grocery store and the manufacturer markets the Civic stressing that adopts an established agricultural strategy on marketing to the world, he said that he was born as a result of this strategy.

People of Bucalı who shop from the people's grocer and the producer market are also satisfied. 73-year-old Hüseyin Lip said “The product we bought here is guaranteed; rotten rutubetli, not sour. We are born and raised in Bucharest. We also buy local products from the producer market here. We all know the producers of Buca's villages, ”he said.

What is People's Grocery?

The People's Bakkalı, which is among the promises of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer during the election period, aims to enable cooperatives to market their products and to provide consumers with healthy and reliable food. Thus, it is aimed to support both small producers and protect the citizens. Izmir Public producers' cooperatives as agentless products anywhere in Turkey, mainly is sold in grocery stores. There are 400 different products from product groups such as fruit and vegetable, meat, dairy products, various breakfast foods, pulses, olive oil, spices and hygiene products in the public's Grocery branches. Product diversity is increasing day by day with products procured from cooperatives across the country.



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