When Will Derbent Train Station Open?

When Will Derbent Train Station Open?
When Will Derbent Train Station Open?

Derbent Train Station was closed by the General Directorate of State Railways on 2 May 2019. The train station will be reopened after the residents of the region and especially the citizens of Istanbul who have sites and villas in the Derbent region write the situation to CIMER. New station works started in Derbent Train Station area.


According to the report of Cemalettin Öztürk from Özgür Kocaeli;The historical Derbent Train Station, which has been operating since the end of the 1800s when the Haydarpaşa-Baghdad Railway Line was put into service, has been serving for over a hundred years. Istanbul-Adapazarı suburban trains stopped at Derbent Station. The General Directorate of State Railways closed Derbent Station in 2014 due to the High Speed ​​Train Project. Time has been completed and YHT flights have begun. However, the Railways did not open the station on May 2, 2019, this time, using the signaling project between Köseköy and Pamukova as an excuse. Derbent Neighborhood Headman Erdal Baş and the residents of the neighborhood demanded the reopening of the historical station by taking action, the issue was conveyed to the General Directorate of State Railways.


The suburban train and postal trains operating between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa always stopped at Derbent Station; took passengers and dropped passengers. Workers who worked in Seka and other factories for many years also took the train from this station to their jobs. This station was always very important for those in Kartepe and the surrounding areas. The station closed on May 2, 2019. The personnel from the historical station building were sent to other areas. High Speed ​​Train does not stop at Derbent either. In order for Derbent Train Station, which was completely canceled, to become operational, the summer houses living in the region stepped in. Istanbul residents living in the estates and summer houses in this region started to prefer the train journey instead of coming and going with their vehicles. When the station was closed, they wrote this to CIMER. Derbent Train Station will be reopened after this correspondence. Of course, Adapazarı suburb, which was stopped due to the pandemic, should start the voyages again in order to serve the purpose properly.


Derbent Train Station, which closed on May 2, 2019, reopens. The General Directorate of State Railways started the construction of a new station to stop Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı suburban trains at Derbent Station. The stations to be built in the direction of departure and arrival will have a width of 3 meters and a length of 160 meters, and the stations are made of steel construction.


Derbent Neighborhood Headman Erdal Baş stated that the reopening of the historic Derbent Train Station is pleasing for the neighborhood. Informing our newspaper, Baş said, “Derbent Train Station has a historical importance. It has been open here for a hundred years. High Speed ​​Train Project started, our station was closed for three years. It would open when the project was finished. YHT flights started, but our stations were still closed. Both YHT and Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa suburban trains did not stop at Derbent Station. We claimed our station as the residents of the neighborhood. Thanks, we put some politicians into action. The residents of the neighborhood protected their values. Our summer house owners from Istanbul paid attention to the issue. We are reopening our station. Station constructions started ”.

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